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Committee (committee of assembly) iinkai It is meeting where it is installed in to perform preliminary examination or investigation into deliberation in plenary session, and there are following three kinds.
1 Standing Committee: Committee which performs examination of referred bill or survey about office work by city from plenary session
2 special committees: Investigation, committee which is set up as needed to examine of specific problem
3 City Counsil governing boards: Committee which performs investigation, discussion about administration method of assembly
Statement of position ikensho Based on rule of Local Government Act Article 99, we submit to the Diet or relations administrative agencies of country, prefecture in document which we summarized intention of assembly in as opinion about thing about the public interest of city. Member of the Diet submits plan of statement of position and decides the right or wrong in plenary session.
General interpellation ippanshitsumon Member of the Diet passes to overall municipal administration widely and we demand report and explanation and say that we straighten question to executive organ.
Exhibition period We buy and come During period (from opening of a meeting day to closing day) when assembly holds a meeting. We decide the days of exhibition period by decision after the plenary session opening of a meeting.
Denomination Worth In City Counsil, we say group which more than 2 members of the Diet sharing the idea form to contribute to policy making.
Bill gian We say item which the mayor and committee, member of the Diet submit to get decision of assembly (e.g.,: enact, amend and abolish bylaws, budget determination, authorization of financial statements, presentation of statement of position).
Decision giketsu By decision-making contents, there is the following kind by deciding the (the right or wrong) yes and no for bills in assembly.
 The approval (rejection): Budget, the regulations, contract, statement of position, resolution
 Authorization (non-authorization): Financial statements
 Approval (disapproval): senketsutokofun
 Agreement (disagreement): Human resources matter
 Adoption (non-adoption): Petition
 Thing answer that does not have objection: Question
Negotiations denomination Worth to carry in this way About denomination where is higher than five position members of the Diet, it is possible for the City Counsil governing board to elect committee.
Voting saiketsu We say act that the chairperson takes decision in plenary session. We say act that chairperson takes decision in the case of committee.
Question We do and pour About bills, we say that we straighten questionable point before discussion, decision.
Executive organ Hush, we do not work in this way We manage office work of local public entity and say medium to carry out. (the mayor, administrative committee) such as (Board of Education, board of elections, checkup committee)
The presentation of a bill in the Diet jotei "The presentation of a bill in the Diet" means that we handle as the agenda in plenary session generally.
The regulations jorei It is local legislation that local public entity establishes based on local autonomous entity's lawmaking power. As a general rule, it is established by decision of assembly, and effect produces enact, amend and abolish bylaws by the promulgation of the head. Committee is given right of proposal to assembly of regulations plan with member of the Diet as well as the head.
The deliberation shingi To hear explanation, we make question and discuss discussion case of plenary session and say a series of processes making a decision on with the deliberation.
Examination shinsa In committee, we discuss bill, petition that received reference and say process to make conclusion as committee.
Petition Result cancer We say that we describe country and local public entity opinion and request. When we petition City Counsil by Local Government Act, it is told to have to submit petition by introduction of councilor. Submitted petition is decided in plenary session after having examined in the Standing Committee whether it is adoption or non-adoption and notifies petitioner of the result.
All the members meeting zeninkyogikai It is meeting that all the members of the Diet gather to examine important problem in municipal administration, and is held. We perform with all the members of the Diet, and it is the same as plenary session at the limit, but we receive explanation from executive organs such as the mayors without the deliberation such as bills examining because it is not based on laws and ordinances and speak opinion.
Petition chinjo Thing with interest appeals to assemblies for the fact about specific matter, and introduction of member of the Diet does not need unlike petition by requesting measures. Among submitted petitions, we refer thing that assembly requests presentation of statement of position to the Diet and administrative agency including prefecture concerned to the Standing Committee and notify petitioner after having reported the examination result to plenary session. The chairperson finds answer of the mayor, and petitions such as requests to other administration notify petitioner of so.
Quorum teisokusuu In assembly, we discuss the agenda effectively, and quorum means the number of attendants who are required to be decided.
If members of the Diet more than half of the fixed number of member of the Diet do not attend, in Local Government Act, it is said to assembly that we cannot hold meeting.
Ordinary assembly There is care and buys Among meetings of Local Assembly, we say thing called regularly with or without discussion case. We will call the number of times to establish in the regulations and, by Local Government Act, establish in the regulations four times a year every year in Yokohama-shi.
Statement We ask In plenary session, committee, we say that the mayor and the superintendent of education, chief of the bureau concerned perform answer or explanation to question, question of member of the Diet.
Discussion It is suspicious in this In ordinary assembly, we say that we express opinion of agreement or opposition to bill before voting after question, deliberations of the committee.
Reference futaku We say that we entrust the Standing Committee of jurisdiction with examination that question in plenary session terminates about bills and adds examination in detail.
Plenary session honkaigi In ordinary assembly and extraordinary session of a local assembly, we say meeting composed of all the members of the Diet. In plenary session, we perform decision (decision) of the last intention as the deliberation and legislative organs such as bills.
Budget society Is it study not to quit?  We say place where each station of Yokohama-shi explains budget bill to member of the Diet in the next fiscal year. We perform prior to deliberation on the budget bill during the first ordinary assembly that the deliberation of budget is carried out in the next fiscal year. 
Extraordinary session of a local assembly There is phosphorus directness When we need temporariness other than ordinary assembly, among meetings of Local Assembly, we say thing which is called because only necessary specific case discusses this at any time.

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