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Question that Q&A is common in



Not Yokohama-shi assembly, why is it Yokohama City Council?

A1    When the first assembly was held in cities of the whole country in 1889 (Meiji 22), all cities used name called "City Counsil". Local Government Act is promulgated in 1947 (Showa 22) and will call assembly kotoha "municipal assembly" of city, but Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, five cities of Kobe continue up to the present day using name called "City Counsil" afterwards according to then.



How many years is term of councilor?

A2    Term of councilor is set with four years. But zanninkikan of predecessor is term when we are elected in by-election.
 For term of the existing member of the Diet, it is from April 30, 2015 to April 29, 2019.



There seem to be various things including ordinary assembly and extraordinary session of a local assembly, plenary session and committee in meeting of City Counsil, how is it different?

A3    In kind of meeting of City Counsil, there are "ordinary assembly" called regularly and "extraordinary session of a local assembly" which is called when it is necessary. In "the extraordinary session of a local assembly," exhibition period of a fixed period of time is set with "ordinary assembly", and, during the exhibition period, "plenary session" and "committee meeting" are held.
  Question, discussion, voting are performed after we are comprised of all the members of the Diet, and bill was submitted, and "plenary session" is meeting deciding intention of City Counsil. "Committee meeting" is held to perform detailed examination about bills. In addition, as committee to discuss about administration of assembly in before plenary session, "the City Counsil governing board" is held.
 The "Standing Committee" "special committee" "City Counsil governing board" can hold during not only average but also closing for exhibition period of ordinary assembly and extraordinary session of a local assembly.
  For details, please see structure of City Counsil.



Does ordinary assembly hold several times a year?

A4    The number of times of ordinary assembly is determined four times a year by the regulations and is held as custom in December in February, May, September.
 About schedule of ordinary assembly, please see page of schedule of City Counsil.



We want to observe plenary session, what kind of procedure is necessary?

A5    It is released, and anyone can observe this meeting of City Counsil. On the day plenary session is hearer reception desk on the first floor of the City Counsil ridge in the city hall, and person that hearing is hoped for, please receive grant of pass to a court hearing. I hand pass to a court hearing to first-come-first-served basis.
 For details, please see page of hearing.



We want to do petition and petition in City Counsil, what should I do?

A6    When there are opinion and request about municipal administration, anyone can submit petition and petition to City Counsil.
 When submit petition, need introduction of councilor, but, in the case of petition,; it is not necessary.
 For details, please see page of the details about petition, page of the details about petition



We want to see minutes, where can I see?

A7    They can see by minutes search system of this homepage, and even citizen information center, Chuo-toshokan on the first floor of the city hall, each ward library, City Council Bureau office can see minutes of plenary session and the Standing Committee, special committee, the City Counsil governing board, budget, Special Committee for Annual Settlement of Accounts, record of all the members meeting. 
 In addition, we publish in homepage as breaking news before minutes being almost made about bill-related question of plenary session, general interpellation, budget representative question, budget-related question after meeting three weeks later.

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