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The details about petition

Format of 1 petition

 Petition does not have decided format, but please refer to this.

2 presentation time

  We do not mind anytime at time of presentation, but, as for the examination by each ordinary assembly (in February in May in September December), it is only thing submitted to (we bring forward in the case of holiday on front of it day when it falls on question notice final day) until (it must arrive in the case of mail) five days ago of beginning of ordinary assembly bill presentation of a bill in the Diet plenary session day concerned.
 Please inquire for concrete time.
In addition, please see "schedule of City Counsil" about schedule of ordinary assembly.

The handling of 3 petitions

 (1)We are referred to assembly (committee)
  About petition about engine decision making of assembly including thing demanding resolution in thing and assembly requesting presentation of statement of position from administrative agency concerned, we examine in committee.
 (2)We are not referred to assembly (committee)
  About petition about request to administration, we demand answer from the mayors from the chairperson directly and will tell petitioner about this result.

  In addition, about thing which contents corresponding to any of the following are included in, we omit devolution to listen to opinion of the governing board and, among petitions that we accepted, may do the handling that does not request answer to the mayors.
 (1) We demand act against laws and ordinances or public order and morals
 (2) Secret about the specific personal private life might become clear
 (3) We might let you damage honor such as specific individual, group or lose trust
 (4) Thing about suit during pendency or crime case investigating
 (5) We demand measures of disciplinary measure or other disposal for the staff of city or admonition or other personnel affairs
 (6) We demand act about matter which is not related to office work of city
 (7) With thing of purpose that is the same as adoption, petition that had decisions such as non-adoption or petition, we admit that there is not special change in the next situation
 (8) We admit that other chairpersons are not suitable

Request on submitting 4

 (1)Please submit in document using 英語. In addition, please attach translated sentence when you submit by Braille if possible. (please give me paper on A4 if possible.)
 (2)We specify with petition and list the presentation date and will have to the chairperson.
 (3)Please itemize item of petition briefly. When contents pass than 2, please write distinction. When you cannot write distinction, please distinguish matter definitely.
 (4)Please attach guide map and sketch to thing about buildings as needed.
 (5)Petitioner specifies address, full name, and please seal. Please tell phone number at the time of presentation.
 (6)Petitioner specifies the location, name, full name of representative at the age of corporation, and please seal with seal of corporation. Please tell phone number of contact information at the time of presentation.
   At the age of group which is not corporation, we submit in the name of representative, and representative, please seal. (even as for the group mark, possible)
 (7)Petitioner selects representative at the time of plural and specifies in the text, and please turn on signature book behind the text.
 (8)When signature book is submitted, address, specification and seal of full name become necessary for signer.
 (9)When you are submitted by mail, please be careful as you do date when it arrived with presentation day. In addition, please tell phone number of contact information.
 (10)Petition sent by FAX and E-mail is not accepted.

Examination in 5 Committee

  Broadcast one that wants to know examination contents of committee on the Internet; and please see monitor broadcast.
 In addition, please see "schedule of City Counsil" in time when deliberations of the committee day is concrete.

6 examination results

  Given petition of conclusion replies by mail by result. We will tell so about reference petition that became handled as continuous deliberation by mail without it being concluded. In addition, about reference petition that became handled as continuous deliberation, we will be examined by ordinary assembly again on the next time.


■Petition reference format

Format downloading (word)  One that we want to download in Word, please click the left icon.

Format downloading (PDF)  One that we want to download in PDF, please click the left icon.


■Petition entry example

Format downloading (word)  One that we want to download in Word, please click the left icon.

Format downloading (PDF)  One that we want to download in PDF, please click the left icon.



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