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Petition, petition

 When there are opinion and request about municipal administration, anyone can submit petition and petition to City Counsil.
 When we submit petition, we need introduction of councilor.
 In the case of petition, introduction of councilor is not necessary.
 It is decided in plenary session after having examined in the case of petition in the Standing Committee whether it is "adoption" or "non-adoption" and notifies petitioner of the result.
 After referring to the Standing Committee, and having reported the examination result to plenary session, in the case of petition, we notify petitioner of petition about decision of engine intention of assembly including thing requesting that assembly submits statement of position to administrative agency concerned.
 About other petition (petitions about request to administration), the chairperson finds answers such as the mayors and notifies petitioner of so.
 In addition, please be careful as you may do with the handling not to demand answer from examination or the mayor in committee depending on contents of petition including thing demanding act against laws and ordinances or public order and morals.
 For details, please see Yokohama City Council petition and petition handling summary.   

To do petition, petition

Flow of petition, petition

Flow of petition, petition


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