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The chairperson, vice-president New Year greetings

The chairperson, vice-president New Year greetings

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Photograph: TV special program "chairperson, vice-president New Year talk" 

Yokohama City Council vice-president MORI Toshiaki Yokohama City Council chairperson MATSUMOTO Ken          
Hisamoto fish to eat (tvk announcer)               Guest Ayaka Suzuki (women's rugby player)

 A Happy New Year. On the beginning of the year, is careful; I wish you a Happy New Year.
 In addition, during last year, we are very grateful in having been granted particular understanding and support with activity of Yokohama City Council heartily.

 By the way, Yokohama-shi faces problems such as progress of low birthrate and aging, the arrival of population decline society, too, and there will be concern about drop of vitality of city in future.
 However, you must realize city, Yokohama overflowing for charm and vitality through these problems so that anyone can live lively in peace in area that lived so long.

 Therefore, for 2025, we will push forward correspondence to problem of medical care, the welfare commencing with construction of local inclusion care system well.
 In addition, City Counsil will wrestle with every effort in solidarity in this year while asking about opinion of citizen's about activation around the existing city hall or town development of downtown area marine area part, suburbs region with promotion and transfer to the new city hall that took advantage of "Rugby World Cup 2019 TM" and "the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics" of inbound measure and culture promotion measure.

 In response to mandate of citizen's all of you, we will show the function enough even if we do with Yokohama City Council while role to be assumed by Local Assembly becomes bigger.

 In this year thank you for your cooperation.


 A Happy New Year. Besides I wish you your good health and happiness heartily on greeting the New Year.

 Super aging will go ahead through Yokohama at unique speed in the whole country. With declining birthrate over many years, we face decrease in productive population in total. We think that it is future supremacy proposition to plan activation of city economy while there is concern that vitality as city is often lost.

 Development of Yokohama economy is authority to support a certain civic vitality living. We carry role and responsibility to deepen discussion that fixed its eyes on the future while we councilor concentrating each wisdom that anyone is easy to live in peace, and the class of each generation lives lively, and to perform town development that coziness is felt, and giving various opinions.

 As think that want to do for such one year when perform sincere discussion in City Counsil with Chairperson Matsumoto in the lead, and plan more enhancement of town called Yokohama, in this year thank you for your cooperation.

KATO Hiroto


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