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Yokohama City Council vice-president KATO Hiroto
Yokohama City Council vice-president MORI Toshiaki

 It is MORI Toshiaki of Yokohama City Council 57th vice-president. Come over to homepage of Yokohama City Council, and thank you very much.

 Town development that it is easy to live for by improvement of medical care, welfare is demanded in Yokohama, and expectation from young generation to enhancement of child care environment is increasing more and more now.
 In addition, for outbreak such as disasters that there is concern about influence to Motoichi, more disaster prevention power reinforcement is demanded, too.

 In this way, for assembly to carry bird of 2 yuan representation on, suggestion carries out for realization of comfortable civic life by relief, security positively while citizen's needs becomes complicated diverseness and wants to carry out role, responsibility well.

 In addition, as vice-president, we make use of past experience enough and support Chairperson Matsumoto well and do and citizen's is expected still more and want to wrestle with trusted familiar City Counsil so that it is.
 Thank you for your cooperation.

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