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Yokohama City Council chairperson MATSUMOTO Ken
Yokohama City Council chairperson MATSUMOTO Ken

 It is MATSUMOTO Ken of the Yokohama City Council chairperson.
 You see our homepage, and thank you.

 Our country faces the issue of structure called low birthrate and aging, population decline, and there is concern about drop of city by change of population composition now even if in big city Yokohama.
 On the other hand, approach to emphasize charm of Yokohama outside the country is pushed forward steadily. "Rugby World Cup 2019" and "the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics" are held in Japan, and Yokohama is chosen in venue of the final and plural venues and will attract the world's attention in future in sports, economy, various fields such as culture.
 We send cheerful town "Yokohama" overflowing in vitality and charm at this opportunity to the world widely and want to connect with further activation of bustle creation and Yokohama economy of town.

 Of course it shows policy making function of assembly enough, and, for assembly, it wants to realize rich civic life and local activation with administration in future to perform monitoring, evaluation function for administration while it did it this way.
 I was active as Representative one for the effect in letting municipal administration reflect voice of many citizen's all of you until now. In addition to it, we want to act for fair and smooth administration of assembly as the chairperson with every effort in future.
 Thank you for your cooperation.

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