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Yokohama City Council chairperson KAJIMURA Mitsuru
Yokohama City Council chairperson KAJIMURA Mitsuru

 It is KAJIMURA Mitsuru of the Yokohama City Council chairperson.
 You see our homepage, and thank you.

 As for the population of Yokohama-shi, it is anticipated that we decline at peak in 2019 by progress of low birthrate and aging. We think that it is important to promote approach of district wound student that showed local independence, independence of will to stop flow of declining birthrate in such situation, and to maintain society where there is vitality for the future.

 As assembly, we established "the Yokohama-shi assembly basics regulations" in last February while we did it this way and planned activation of assembly activity and decided to wrestle by improvement of the citizen welfare and development of the demographic, social and economic conditions in a city still more as assembly which met civic reference.

 We fully show policy making function of assembly and want to wrestle with imminent City Counsil which is expected still more by citizen, and is trusted in future so that it is.
 In addition, we think that it is important that we plan system maintenance to be able to fulfil role of assembly at the time of disaster prescribed by the regulations well.

 As the history and the 48th chairperson of Yokohama City Council which traditional, was cultivated, it follows, and I listen to voice of citizen's while keeping experience that reflected voice of citizen's all of you in municipal administration alive until now and want to act for fair and smooth administration of assembly with every effort.
 Thank you for your cooperation.

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