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The execution situation of assembly expense account

 We publish the execution situation of assembly expense account for the last month (we update by 15 days a month).

 ・Publication standard of assembly expense account

For January, 2018

DivisionThe expenditure dateExpenditure amount of money (Japanese yen)The other party, expenditure contents
Fee H30. 1. 6 (Sat) 3,000 Kanagawa Korean combination New Year meeting (H30.1.6) fee
H30. 1. 9 (Tue) 5,000 Congratulations exchange society (H30.1.9) fee with prefecture mayors, town managers, and village headmen, the chairperson
H30. 1.16 (Tue) 13,000 Gathering (H30.1.16) fee of the Kanagawa hairdressing life hygiene trade association 2018 New Year
H30. 1.23 (Tue) 10,000 Yokohama Saibi society New Year meeting (H30.1.23) fee
H30. 1.23 (Tue) 5,000 Kanagawa administrative scrivener society 2018 New Year New Year's Celebration (H30.1.23) fee
H30. 1.24 (Wed) 7,000 Association of Yokohama-shi kindergarten New Year discussion meeting (H30.1.24) fee
H30. 1.25 (Thu) 6,000 Gathering (H30.1.25) fee of the Kanagawa nursing society New Year
The presentation      
The total Seven cases 49,000  

The past execution situation


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