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The execution situation of assembly expense account

 We publish the execution situation of assembly expense account for the last month (we update by 15 days a month).

 ・Publication standard of assembly expense account

For February, 2017

DivisionThe expenditure dateExpenditure amount of money (Japanese yen)The other party, expenditure contents
Condolence H29.2. 2 (Thu) 15,432 Yokohama-shi deputy mayor Toshihide Hirahara your father funeral service (H29. 1.23-24) placing flowers
H29.2. 7 (Tue) 16,216 Former Yokohama City Council member of the Diet (former chairperson) Tatsuzo Nakamura funeral service (H29. 1.31-2.1) placing flowers
The presentation      
The total Two cases 31,648  

The past execution situation


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