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Yokohama City Council
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Governing board list

The governing board (role of the City Counsil governing board)

Committee activity summary

Governing board list (16)

Chairperson SAKAI Makoto The Liberal Democratic Party Kohoku Ward
Vice chairperson ISHIWATA Yukio Democratic Progressive Party Sakae Ward
Vice chairperson SAITO Shinji The Komeito Tsuzuki Ward  
  INAMI Toshinosuke The Liberal Democratic Party Naka Ward
  SHIMIZU Tomio The Liberal Democratic Party Nishi Ward
  SHIBUYA Takeshi The Liberal Democratic Party Minami Ward
  FUSHIMI Yukie The Liberal Democratic Party Totsuka Ward
  YAMASHITA Masato The Liberal Democratic Party Aoba Ward
  OIWA Masakazu Democratic Progressive Party Asahi Ward
  SAKAMOTO Katsuji Democratic Progressive Party Totsuka Ward
  FUMOTO Rie Democratic Progressive Party Izumi Ward
  MOCHIZUKI Kotoku Democratic Progressive Party Tsuzuki Ward  
  OZAKI Futoshi The Komeito Tsurumi Ward
  NAKAJIMA Mitsunori The Komeito Totsuka Ward
  FURUYA Yasuhiko The Japanese Communist Party Tsurumi Ward
  MIWA Chiemi The Japanese Communist Party Konan Ward

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