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Yokohama City Council
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  1. Yokohama City Council
  2. Member of the Diet
  3. List according to electoral district

List according to electoral district

Electoral district Aoba Ward Tsuzuki Ward   Kohoku Ward Tsurumi Ward Midori Ward Kanagawa Ward Seya Ward Asahi Ward Hodogaya-ku Nishi Ward Izumi Ward Totsuka Ward Minami Ward Naka Ward Konan Ward Isogo Ward Sakae Ward Kanazawa Ward Tsurumi WardKanagawa WardNishi Ward
Naka WardMinami WardKonan Ward
Hodogaya WardAsahi WardIsogo Ward
Kanazawa WardKohoku WardMidori Ward
Aoba WardTsuzuki Ward  Totsuka Ward
Sakae WardIzumi WardSeya Ward

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