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Yokohama City Council
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  3. Information for administrative inspection acceptance from other cities

Information for administrative inspection acceptance from other cities

 Administrative inspection is hoped for; and to city council, members of the Diet
 Thank you for examining Yokohama-shi as inspection.
 When you want administrative inspection, you have you read, and apply for the following.

Flow of administrative inspection application

 You e-mail 1 application required items after entry (gi-seisakuchosa@city.yokohama.lg.jp), and please send.
    (even Fax (045-681-7388) is possible, but send by email if possible.)
   Please assume title of email "administrative inspection application" (local government name) on this occasion.

   Yokohama City Council administration inspection application (xls form, 86KB) [H28 four a year monthly update]

   ※ When you confirm the space situation of schedule, please talk after sending this application by all means.
   ※ When you send application by email, send as xls form.
     (we cannot receive email that file of ZIP form was attached to.)

 Because 2 accepts application surely, please call 045-671-3047 (the City Council Bureau policy Security Research Division) in having sent email or Fax.

 I will inform to person in charge about 3 acceptance right or wrong. (it takes around seven days)

 When 4 acceptance is possible, you are addressed to the Yokohama City Council chairperson, and please send official (1) request (2) participant list (3) inspection road map to the policy Security Research Division. (destination: information for City Council Bureau)

In application

Sightseeing information of Yokohama

Find Your YOKOHAMA which is new whenever we meet
  ※You can see Yokohama promotion video "One Day of YOKOHAMA" when we click upper logo. (we link to YouTube.)

  Town which can always come across "new" creation.
 You use the accommodations or restaurant in Yokohama-shi, and, on administrative inspection, please discover the charm.
 Page of sightseeing in Yokohama information

Gaslight and scenery of Minato Mirai
Gaslight and Minato Mirai 21 district background of Yokohama where we burnt for the first time in Japan in 1872
 Akarengasoko and passenger ship
  Akarengasoko which is historic building
                         (PHOTOS by Hideo MORI)

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