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Yokohama City Council
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  3. Information for administrative inspection acceptance from other cities

Information for administrative inspection acceptance from other cities

 Administrative inspection is hoped for; and to city assembly, members of the Diet
 Thank you for examining Yokohama-shi as inspection.
 When you wish to inspect administration, you have you read, and apply for the following.

Application for administrative inspection

 Please send to application by email after filling out required items.
 (when email is not available, application with FAX is possible, too.)

  Application style : Yokohama City Council administration inspection application
  Application : The City Council Bureau policy Security Research Division
             E-mail gi-seisakuchosa@city.yokohama.lg.jp
             TEL 045-671-3047
             FAX 045-681-7388

   If email or FAX is transmitted,
   Please inform of having transmitted on the telephone by all means.
  ※ When you send application by email, please send as xls form.
  ※ Please assume title of email "administrative inspection application" (local government name).

About the right or wrong of acceptance

 About the right or wrong of acceptance, I will inform to person in charge.
 (after the application, it takes around seven days.)
 If acceptance is settled, official request to the Yokohama City Council chairperson, participant list and inspection road map
 Please send to the policy Security Research Division.    

 Destination of request: 〒 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
             The Yokohama City Council City Council Bureau policy Security Research Division

Notice matter (please see before application by all means.) on applying

 ・ When preferred date is the date for opening of a meeting average and committee meeting of regular meeting, or on account of the post in charge
   When we cannot accept, we adjust schedule. 
   (please see this in schedule of City Counsil.)

 ・ When we confirm the space situation of schedule, please consult after sending this application to by all means.
 ・ You squeeze business name and inspection contents, and please list item of administrative inspection to be concrete and in detail.
   (please, e.g., list in form such as "process, result that started 0 0 business, point that you devised".
   Please avoid rough mention about "0 0 business".)
 ・ We hope that we have you propose within around one month before day when administrative inspection is hoped for.

Access (information for City Council Bureau) to Yokohama City Council City Council Bureau

Sightseeing information of Yokohama

Find Your YOKOHAMA which is new whenever we meet
  ※You can see Yokohama promotion video "One Day of YOKOHAMA" when we click upper logo. (we link to YouTube.)

  Town which can always come across "new" creation.
 You use the accommodations or restaurant in Yokohama-shi, and, on administrative inspection, please discover the charm.
 Page of sightseeing in Yokohama information

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