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Yokohama City Council
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City Council Bureau, link

City Council Bureau


We link to homepage of each Yokohama City Council member of the Diet from member of the Diet list of election distinction.
※Copyright, responsibility about contents of linked homepage shall belong to manager of each homepage, and please note that you cannot bear responsibility about the contents for Yokohama-shi.

Each Yokohama City Council denomination

The Liberal Democratic Party
Human rights forum
The Komeito
The Japanese Communist Party

The Diet

The House of Representatives
The House of Councilors

Prefectural assembly

Kanagawa assembly

Ordinance-designated city assembly

Sapporo-shi assembly
Sendai-shi assembly
Saitama municipal assembly
Chiba-shi assembly
Kawasaki-shi assembly
Sagamihara-shi assembly
Niigata-shi assembly
Shizuoka-shi assembly
Hamamatsu-shi assembly
Nagoya City Counsil
Kyoto City Counsil
Osaka City Counsil
Sakai-shi assembly
Kobe City Counsil
Okayama-shi assembly
Hiroshima-shi assembly
Kitakyushu-shi assembly
Fukuoka-shi assembly
Kumamoto-shi assembly 


Chairperson of municipal assemblies society of the whole country

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