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Yokohama City Council Twitter (Twitter)

In Yokohama City Council, we perform assembly public information by Twitter (Twitter).
Twitter is communication service in the Internet that contribution, dispatch can read sentence within 140 characters free. (American Twitter company runs.)
If there is environment (PC, cell-phone, smartphone) that can use the Internet, anyone can read.

On Yokohama City Council Twitter, we send update information of news and homepage from Yokohama City Council. We respond on Yokohama City Council Twitter (subscription) ※sonotokidokino assembly information gets into eyes with nature, and movement of assembly comes to understand that we have you do. In addition, we come to be able to have you see the deliberation of assembly casually without failing to recognize as we tell about start of broadcast and broadcast just before that on TV broadcast and the day before of broadcasting on the Internet.

※Follow means that we register so that tweet (mutter) of user who wants to subscribe is displayed by screen for exclusive use of oneself. It is necessary to do user's registration of Twitter to perform follow (subscription) of Yokohama City Council Twitter. (we can see even if we do not respond.)

Dispatch information

Operational policy

Account name @yokohama_shikai
Account URL http://twitter.com/yokohama_shikai
Dispatch contents We send update information of news and homepage from Yokohama City Council. 
Operation administrator Project managers such as City Council Bureau public information, the news
Sender The City Council Bureau General Affairs Division spokesman staff
Having follow or not As a general rule, we do not perform.
Having reply (reply) or not  As a general rule, we do not perform. 
The use starting date  November 28, 2011 

Reading method

We can read contents (tweet) which Yokohama City Council sent to in the next site.
Let's respond in yokohama_shikaihttp://twitter.com/yokohama_shikai

We can access from this QR code.
QR code


Please note that you do not perform reply and retweet, follow from Yokohama City Council.

Please refer to Twitter help center for usage and question of Twitter itself.
Twitter help center (outside site)

When we read flat rate plan from cell-phone which is not the use as the use of Twitter needs connection to the Internet, communication fee may become large. Please be careful.

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