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※We publish press release document after September 14, 2005.
In document column ☆Thing with seal has attachment about contents which performed news release.


The dateContentsDocument
June 5, 2018 21 bills were approved in today's plenary session. (2018 second City Counsil ordinary assembly plenary session fourth day approval bill numbers) (PDF file, 274KB)  
May 17, 2018 About 2018 second City Counsil regular meeting approval bill numbers (plenary session first day May 17) (PDF file, 300KB)  
May 17, 2018 About position member of permanent post, the special governing board (PDF file, 512KB)  
May 16, 2018 We raise "City Counsil poster" designs! (PDF file, 1.8MB)  
May 7, 2018 The seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development Yokohama held goodwill exchange event holding! Friendship soccer game by the residence in Tokyo Africa diplomatic corps and the Diet, councilor team and city company hold participating discussion meeting in Nissan Stadium, too! (PDF file, 403KB)  
May 2, 2018 In Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan autonomous district technical cooperation for city problem solution field of 3 - (PDF file, 919KB) of realization - road, waste management, water supply  
April 25, 2018 We issue news from Yokohama assembly No. 108! (PDF file, 1766KB)  
April 12, 2018 About change of denomination officer of Yokohama City Council (PDF file, 324KB)  
April 10, 2018 About government request by Yokohama City Council Special Committee on U.S. Military Installations Measures (PDF file, 233KB)  
April 2, 2018 About change of denomination name of Yokohama City Council (PDF file, 321KB)  

Before 2017


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