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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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  4. We released "garbage collection by category guide of Io" who utilized NTT DOCOMO X Yokohama-shi combination proof experiment "chat bot"
We extend proof period because of favorable reception!

NTT DOCOMO X Yokohama-shi joint proof experiment

We released "garbage collection by category guide of Io" who utilized chat bot "
Tag strong AI technology of ... docomo and search data of 20,000 of Yokohama-shi! ...

 City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau performs proof experiment of "garbage collection by category guide of Io" showing around disposal procedures in dialog using AI technology in cooperation with NTT DOCOMO.
 Io replies that we talk to Io with item of garbage which we want to check on system by classification item and how to put out.
 Through proof experiment, we consider the possibility of more plain guidance and aim at being a chance to have the young groups which were able to communicate using or smartphone which are inexperienced in search be interested.

Use of 1 image
Please click icon "garbage collection by category guidance" of Io in the page lower right.
There is icon on "Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau top page" or "page of separation how to put out garbage".
★There is browser that does not give some responses.

We click the lower right of page of separation how to put out, icon of garbage collection by category guidance

Screen of chat bot opens.
Io replies that we are about to talk about the names of garbage by classification methods.

2 characteristics

・We show around classification method, knowledge on a wide variety of subjects or quiz to face each other than 20,000 words that we cultivated by classification search system (mikushonari) of Yokohama-shi.

・We make use of know-how of language disposal of NTT DOCOMO and cope with various expression of conversation form.

・It is hoped that information to reconstitute in chat form, and to want to know smoothly is provided.

3 exhibition periods
It was plan until the end of June, 2017 at first
Because of favorable reception, we extend proof period!

Reporter person announcement document (PDF file 728KB) at the time of proof experiment start

This approach was realized through "the cowound front desk" that raised suggestion of citizen cooperation.