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[about publication of result about civic opinion offer]

Civic opinion offer about "naming rights introduction of Shin-Yokohama Station north exit public toilet" was finished on July 29, 2011.
 We appreciate your sending valuable opinion.

 We announce way of thinking of Yokohama-shi for opinion that had you approach.

Opinion that we had


Like song of "God of restroom", we think that we can always keep beautiful restroom.

We apply with "light box of Hama" as naming.

Sponsor advocates nickname for value, and, about naming rights performing this hearing, they assume labor "kawayado of Shin-Yokohama station square restroom diagnosis person".

You are all right, and please understand in future as you will maintain beautiful restroom in business deployment by naming.

  ≪Reference >> number of the opinions ... one (mail) that we had

[civic opinion offer was finished on July 29, 2011.]

We relate to naming rights introduction of Shin-Yokohama Station north exit public toilet

About civic opinion offer

 After inviting public participation for suggestion offer model naming rights in Yokohama-shi for one month from Tuesday, December 21, 2010, there was suggestion for "Shin-Yokohama Station north exit public toilet".

 It recruits opinions about suggestion contents from citizen's all of you based on "guidelines about naming rights introduction" as concrete content of suggestion was unified. In addition, of facility administration future as for the opinion that all of you gave to refer to.

Public toilet photograph

1 suggestion contents

It is as follows about main suggestion.



Target facility

Shin-Yokohama Station north exit public toilet

Nickname plan

 "kawayado (river how) of Shin-Yokohama station square restroom diagnosis person"
※This nickname is displayed by restroom outer wall surface.


Three years

Value of naming rights

We assume labor offer for comfort improvement of restroom and appropriate maintenance value.
※Contents of labor

  1. Initial work (only in the first year: 2,500,000 yen considerably)
    (1) Prior diagnosis by restroom diagnosis person
    (2) Setting such as exchange of toilet, finger dryer
    (3) The removal of dirt of existing apparatus and precautionary measures    to

  2. Maintenance (every year: 500,000 yen considerably)
    (1) Periodical patrol by restroom diagnosis person
    (2) Maintenance such as equipment supplement, exchange, simple cleaning
    (3) Restroom cleaning advice to daily life restroom dustman
      (Motoichi entrusts environmental hygienist with cleaning as before every day and performs.)   to

Background of suggestion

  1. Because we performed business of restroom general maintenance, and amenity authorized human resources who had technical knowledge and skill of restroom cleaning by official approval system (*) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare authorization in the company as "restroom diagnosis person", there was intention to want to make diagnosis person system widely available widely.

  2. There was intention to want to spread "kawayado" as pronoun of "comfortable public toilet" where "restroom diagnosis person" was concerned with.

  3. As Shin-Yokohama Station was the nearest company station, there was intention to want to keep public toilet of the station square comfortably. In addition, through naming rights, we posted explanation of consciousness enlightenment and setting apparatus to keep restroom clean in restroom, and there was intention to want to perform information dispatch for restroom.

(*) official approval system in the company

 For the purpose of business owners contributing to improvement of skills such as the workers to employ and improvement of economic social status, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare authorizes thing which you adapt to constant standard among business (i.e., official approval in the company) to examine the degree about knowledge that is necessary for occupation that worker has and skill by oneself and should recommend in skill promotion.

2 opinion offer periods

From Friday, July 8, 2011 to Friday, July 29, 2011

Subscription for 3 method

 Mail, facsimile, E-mail recruits opinions (style is free).

 We look forward to opinion from one except citizen.

 [address of opinion]

■In the case of mail      〒 231-0013 1-13, Sumiyoshicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Matsumura Building 6F
                         Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Operations Section

■In the case of facsimile, it is Fax number 045-662-1225

■In the case of E-mail, it is e-mail address sj- gyomu@city.yokohama.jp<

4 references

 It is Seki surukoto Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Operations Section TEL 045-671-2547 in Shin-Yokohama Station north exit public toilet


[with naming rights]

 Instead of letting facilities of city give group name, brand name as nickname by contract, naming rights get the value from the group concerned and are method to contribute to sustainable administration of facility (they do not change facility name in the regulations).

 In addition, it determines "guidelines about naming rights introduction" about introduction of naming rights in Yokohama-shi and establishes that we perform hearing in that.

(as for the thing about "guidelines about naming rights introduction" Policy Bureau cowound promotion section TEL 045-671-3959)

※Flow (outline) of procedure about this suggestion

1.Suggestion → 2.Examination → 3.Discussion → 4.The person concerned, civic hearing → 5.Examination, discussion → 6.Contract → 7.Naming rights start

We accepted suggestion from amenity and held screening committee consisting of internal and outside committees and examined about suggestion contents. After the later discussion, we perform this citizen opinion offer.

[about Shin-Yokohama Station north exit public toilet]

Location 2-1, Shinyokohama, Kouhoku-ku

Scale     Man size 2, small 3, multi-purpose 1

        Woman size 2, multi-purpose 1

In-service start April, 1988

Plottage 118.08m2 (road private use)

Building area 36.336m2


[about amenity] (honorific title abbreviation)

 Head office location 685, Hazawacho, Kanagawa-ku

 Representative       Representative director Satoshi Yamato

 Establishment date December 6, 1989

 37 number of employees (others just-in-time employee: six

 The franchise headquarters of restroom general maintenance with business summary original product, system

[press release document]

pdf July 7, 2011 news release (Portable Document Format 329KB)