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Septic tank

Inquiry, report presentation point of septic tank changed with reorganization from April 1, 2018.

Inquiry, various report presentation points
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  • pdfSeptic tank guidepost(April 1, 2018 update) (Portable Document Format 2,230KB)
  • Report of septic tank

     When we install septic tank using flush lavatory in area where the public sewer is not maintained, procedure of septic tank setting is necessary. In addition, time when we abolished time and septic tank that septic tank setting construction was completed needs procedure.

    When we do not submit note) septic tank setting registration form, septic tank change registration form, we are sentenced to fine that is less than penal servitude less than three months or 500,000 yen.
     When we do not meet standard of structure even if reported, we are ordered change of report or the abolition. When we do not obey it, we are sentenced to fine that is less than penal servitude less than three months or 500,000 yen.

  • Maintenance of septic tank

     Septic tank is facility cleaning filthy water by function of microorganism. Everyday maintenance is important not to produce aggravation and bad smell of the discharge quality of the water. In one where septic tank is managed, undergoing an examination of maintenance check, conduct of cleaning and legal inspection is required. (the septic tank method)

    When we do not follow though we are improved to do maintenance check, cleaning of the note) septic tank method and were given an order to start, we are sentenced to fines less than penal servitude less than or 1 million yen in June.
     When we do not accept the later order without accepting that you should receive after the setting or annual legal check either, correctional fines less than 300,000 yen are inflicted.

    Septic tank environmental hygienist

    Legal inspection designation inspection engine