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Let's reduce! Of food it is a waste


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What is food loss?

 For example, we bought in leftover or bargain sale in large quantities, but food loss is food which is discarded though we can originally eat such as (the excessive removal) including thing which turned to food (untouched food) which we were not able to eat, skin of vegetables thick too much.

Why is reduction of food loss necessary?

So-called "food loss" that was abandoned though was still eaten  according to the survey by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan approximately 6,460,000 tons a year (2015 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries estimation).
 This is quantity to greatly exceed approximately 3,800,000 tons of quantity of food aid of the whole world.

 Thing that we effectively utilize and reduce by food loss from consideration to environment load of important resources is necessary.

How much food loss is given in Yokohama-shi?

 In burnable garbage taken out by family of Yokohama-shi, food loss of approximately 111,000 tons a year is included, and this is quantity that it is to approximately 30 kilos a year per citizen.

 For example,
 When exchanging food loss 30 kilos to onigiri...For approximately 300         

 Furthermore, when exchanging food loss 30 kilos to money...Thing food will be thrown away for approximately 22,000 yen a year per person.

 In this way, problem of food loss has various "it is a waste".

      It leads to abandoning money to throw away ingredients
To reduce food loss?

 Because we do not give food loss, at first we will begin with grasp of stock of food in home!

 In this page, we introduce approach to decide day to check the contents of refrigerator including refrigerator 10.30 exercise other than there being in the scene where food loss such as "shopping" "cooking" "preservation" is apt to appear in total regularly.

 It is not necessary to practice mention sareteirukotosubeteo here suddenly.
 Life becomes 3R dream (slim) just to be conscious about "it is a waste of food" a little!