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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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Method of recycling application

Depending on the situation of the disposal, please file by any of the following method.

As there is day when we do not accept on holiday or the year-end and New Year holiday in the summer in Yokohama Appliance Recycling Promotion Council reception desk (taking care of application) and designated taking care of place (direct import), authorized electric goods recycle store, please be careful. Please refer to each receptionist for the details.



Application, jikomisaki

Necessary expense

Payment method

When we know the retail store which we purchased in the past Arrow  We apply to retail store

Recycling rate
Collection charge for the delivery

Please ask target retail store.
When we purchase new product (the same type of apparatuses) Arrow
When store which we purchased is not clear Arrow We apply to Yokohama Appliance Recycling Promotion Council 

Recycling rate
Collection charge for the delivery

We pay at the time of collection in cash and receive household appliances recycling ticket.
Arrow We apply to authorized electric goods recycle store Please refer to target store.
When we can carry apparatus by yourself Arrow Import direct to the city, suburban designated taking care of place 

Recycling rate
(it does not take collection charge for the delivery)

Please bring in "recycling rate" after transfer using household appliances recycling ticket at post office beforehand.

About rate

"Recycling rate" and "collection charge for the delivery" depend on the disposal of item targeted for Home Appliance Recycling Act.

  • About transfer methods at recycling rate and post office,HP of household appliances recycling centerYou are similar, and please confirm.
  • About collection charge for the delivery, please confirm in each application, jikomisaki.

Outside information

■As inquired many questions are published here by citizen's person, please refer.

■Please refer to the following homepage for in detail neighboring information of Home Appliance Recycling Act.


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