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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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Small metalHow to put out of "small metal"

Once a week collection (we agree with collection day of "cans, bottles, PET bottles")
(please confirm with seals of accumulation place)
Main object Is made of metal mainly, and bone of thing of size less than 30cm side long most and metal umbrella

PanScissorsTriangle corner

How to put out

●You share with bag of "cans, bottles, PET bottles", and please provide.
●Other than the small thing, please provide without bagging.
●Please take out pan, frying pan as small metal without including handle if less than 30cm.
●Umbrella, please distribute metal framework and Nunobe share. (please make Nunobe minute in "burnable garbage".)
Even if bones of umbrella are more than 30cm, please provide as small metal.
As there might be fire, give canned oil or canned paint after using up the contents (please take out cap made of plastic in "containers and packaging made of plastic").
●Dangerous thing and nail or needle are small and, in the case of collection including knife, wrap thing which might be scattered in paper, and you write article name, and please provide. When you bag, you put in transparence that you can confirm clearly of the contents or the semitransparent bag, and give.

We do not include handle of pan
Bone of umbrellaCloth of umbrella
Empty can of paint
Wrap blade in paper
We are excluded 1. It is home appliances made of plastic for dryer, telephone, master including radio and cassette player
 →Thing with less than 50cm in longest side, please provide bigger thing as "oversized garbage" in "burnable garbage".
2. Metal product with more than 30cm of longest side including golf club and ski stick
 →Please provide as "oversized garbage".
3. Disposable writer
 →You use up the contents, and please
provide as "burnable garbage".
4. High-pressure gas cylinder
 →We do not collect in Yokohama-shi. Please talk with purchase or store.
☆Please cooperate with small household appliances recycling.
Small household appliances recycling We can start product working by electricity, battery in small household appliances collection box installing in ward offices. Please refer to the left link for setting place and the details of target product.

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