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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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Introduction of G30 logo mascot
G30 theme song
Challenge the reducing 
In "Yokohama, what is G30?"
It is weight loss, recycling action for accomplishment of "Yokohama G30 plan" to reduce garbage discharge of all cities in 2010 by 30% for 13.
We revise up 35% of aims in reduction to push forward approach more in 2006 and challenge higher aim.
Gomi Garbage of Rome character
Garbage English garbage
Genryou Romaji reduction
30 30% of garbage reduction targets
We declare Yokohama G30 action
Nature that the earth which is full of shu rou together is beautiful
For disposable life period (period)
It is wound rou "kankyokodotoshi" Yokohama together
Practice shiyogomino reduction and recycling
3,500,000 Yokohama citizens challenge garbage weight loss
(January 8, 2003)

To "G30 in Yokohama" PR link
 Through various events, "Yokohama publicizes G30" to pressure all of citizen, companies to work on G30 action positively in Yokohama-shi.
 As for the conduct result report, please see this.
Citizen's Yokohama G30 Plan
Yokohama G30 Plan action of company
Administrative Yokohama G30 Plan action