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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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 Yokohama 3R dream plan (wastes processing basic plan)
 They establish wastes processing basic plan about disposal of wastes in Yokohama-shi based on rule of "law about handling of refuse and cleaning" Article 6 Clause 1, and it is long-term plan that foresaw 2025, and refuse disposal basic plan and human waste are comprised of processing basic plan.
 In addition, we do "Yokohama-shi basics design" and "Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan" that are comprehensive plan of the whole city with higher plan and we plan alignment with environmental management plan and Yokohama-shi global warming measure implementation plan and devise.
Brochure (collectively) for summary (Portable Document Format 5.1MB)

・Brochure (separately) for summary
     Cover - second page (Portable Document Format 2.3MB)
     The third page - fifth page (Portable Document Format 2.4MB)
     The sixth page - back cover (Portable Document Format 1.8MB)

Brochure (English version) for summary (Portable Document Format 2.1MB)

Plan booklet (collectively) (Portable Document Format 1.7MB)

・Plan booklet (separately)
     The present conditions and problem (Portable Document Format 580KB) of cover - refuse disposal
     Refuse disposal basic plan (Portable Document Format 1.5MB)
     Handling of basic plan (Portable Document Format 168KB) such as human wastes
     Document (Portable Document Format 1MB)
Io and mio
※The first promotion plan is included in Yokohama 3R dream plan (wastes processing basic plan), too.
It is Yokohama 3R dream to the future of G30