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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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 Yokohama 3R dream plan (wastes processing plan)
 We were able to give result that we made large reduction of burnable garbage and decrease of greenhouse gas discharge with this, the abolition of destruction by fire factory and life extension of landfill as a result that, in particular, cause, 3R of collaboration with citizen, companies pushed forward classification, recycling to plan switch from destruction by fire, inning disposal-centered Waste and Recycling Affairs based on "Yokohama G30 plan" that we devised in January, 2003.
 Because "Yokohama G30 plan" was finished in 2010, citizen, company, administration pushes forward the cause of further collaboration, approach of 3R reducing (outbreak restraint) that, in particular, is the most eco-friendly in foundation by experience that cultivated so far, and of garbage and resources reduced discharge all-out, and succeeded environment that was rich by planning further reduction of environment load in history, and children aimed at social realization that could have "dream" in the future, and devised "Yokohama 3R dream plan" in January, 2011.


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 ◆Yokohama 3R dream plan (Yokohama-shi wastes processing basic plan) (the Heisei 22-37 year)
  ※We include the first promotion plan (the Heisei 22-25 year)

 ◆Yokohama 3R dream plan promotion plan (2018-2021) 
 ◆Yokohama 3R dream plan (Yokohama-shi wastes processing execution plan) (the single year)



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