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About development of the sixth Yokohama-shi industrial waste processing instruction plan

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Yokohama-shi is big city of our country second becoming base of trade and international business to have a population of 3,680,000 people. A variety of operation is performed lively around Keihin industrial area of seaside part which high industry, technique accumulates, and industrial waste of approximately 11 million tons a year occurs.
Become the basics of industrial waste administration to plan appropriate disposal of these industrial waste; "Yokohama-shi industrial waste processing instruction plan (say "processing instruction plan" as follows.) We devise "every about five years from 1985 and, by various approaches based on the plan, push forward reduction, exploitation of resources, appropriate disposal of industrial waste.
We pushed forward "the fifth processing instruction plan" from 2006, but because the existing plan was finished in 2010, we installed people of learning and experience, industry representative, citizen representative, "the sixth processing instruction plan Exploratory Committee" consisting of people concerned with administration in June, 2010 and repeated new social conditions, examination of processing instruction plan corresponding to area characteristic and devised "the sixth processing instruction plan" (plan period: from 2011 in 27). 《March 28, 2011 press release document
  1. About development
    (1) The sixth Yokohama-shi industrial waste processing instruction plan
    (2) The sixth Yokohama-shi industrial waste processing instruction plan Exploratory Committee
    Held guidanceMeeting materialsThe minutes
    The first (July 5, 2010 holding) news The first meeting materials The first minutes
    The second (September 3, 2010 holding) news The second meeting materials The second minutes
    The third (October 22, 2010 holding) news The third meeting materials The third minutes
    The fourth (January 14, 2011 holding) news The fourth meeting materials The fourth minutes
    The fifth (February 17, 2011 holding) news The fifth meeting materials The fifth minutes
    (3) Public comment (civic opinion offer)
  2. Main plan target and approach situation

    ★ The sixth Yokohama-shi industrial waste processing instruction plan report (PDF) (at August, 2017 update)