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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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 1 discharge company connection


(1) Various styles
  Styles (for industrial waste discharge company) such as various notification forms, application, contract
  Industrial waste management vote grants about situation report (close every year on June 30)

(2) Various brochures for discharge company, citizens
  PDF About handling of refuse occurring with operation (May, 2018) (PDF 3.93MB)
  PDF Guide (May, 2018) of handling of refuse which construction causes (PDF 2.94MB)
  PDF To all of you performing construction (September, 2013) (PDF 420KB)
  PDF About handling of refuse occurring from medical related organizations (September, 2013) (PDF 4.09MB)
  PDF Guide (May, 2018) of taking a step appropriate PCB refuse (PDF 2.52MB)
  PDF In sampaittena ~? (September, 2013) (PDF 2.23MB) ※Leaflet for citizens
  PDF Does it not lie in old factory and building? Time limit of PCB processing approaches! (September, 2018) (PDF 327KB)

(3) PCB refuse
  About polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) refuse 
  About handling of highly-concentrated PCB refuse (condenser trance) in JESCO Tokyo PCB processing processing office 
  About some revisions of "Yokohama-shi polychlorinated biphenyl refuse appropriate management instruction summary"

(4) A large quantity of discharge companies
  About information for report of legal a large quantity of discharge companies and self-government business

(5) Refuse exchange system
  With refuse exchange system

(6) Pro-construction refuse
  About recycling individual treatment designation of construction sludge
  About use of oneself of pro-construction refuse
  About report of business outside storage
  We do not let you do! We do not permit! Non-appropriate storage (to landowner, land managers)

(7) Electronic manifesto
  About information for electronic manifesto
  About electronic manifesto operation workshop

(8) Examination study using industrial waste
  The procedure point about examination study using industrial waste

(9) Exception to affect disposal of industrial waste by companies more than two
  About exception to affect disposal of industrial waste by companies more than two

Industrial waste measures section discharge instruction person in charge
〒The eighth floor of the 231-0013 1-13, Sumiyoshicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Matsumura Building

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