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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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April 3, 2017 industrial waste management vote grants about presentation of situation report (the June 30 deadline)
Special measures law about appropriate handling of polychlorinated biphenyl refuse was revised on December 16, 2016.
About storage of November 7, 2016 polychlorinated biphenyl refuse and general inspection of registration form such as the disposal situation
We hold electronic manifesto operation workshop (November 24) on September 14, 2016.
About minutes of committee specialized in May 12, 2016 Yokohama-shi waste disposal and treatment facility life environmental influence survey
We devised Yokohama-shi industrial waste processing instruction plan on the seventh on March 25, 2016.
About revised (industrial waste including abolished mercury and cadmium) of March 9, 2016 waste disposal treatment law and politics departmental order
About designation to special management industrial waste such as February 1, 2016 abolished mercury

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Minamihonmoku refuse landfill
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