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City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau

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 It is said, and solid or liquid things (except in this way radiological and polluted thing) which became needless because owner uses with refuse by oneself and sells to another person for payment, and there is not are classified in wastes and industrial waste.
 In Yokohama-shi, we assume refuse which family life caused garbage of wastes of home origin and say refuse which we occurred with operation including places performing community services widely such as not only thing for the purpose of profit such as store, company, factory, office but also hospital, school, public office with business system refuse (business activities waste). It is classified roughly to pro-business wastes and industrial waste and, in business activities waste, assumes garbage except PDFindustrial waste of those pro-business wastes (general garbage).

Figure of refuse flow
Division of refuse


btn_sankaku.gif (141 byte)Duty of company

 In the company, self processing responsibility is established in "the regulations about handling of refuse and law about cleaning and" "reduction, exploitation of resources such as Yokohama-shi refuse and appropriate processing about refuse which we occurred with the operation as follows.
(1) Company must handle refuse which they occurred with the operation appropriately at your own risk.
  (about this operation, commercial purpose does not matter about all operation)
(2) You must try for the weight loss by performing recycling of refuse which we occurred with operation.
(3) Company must cooperate with measure of Yokohama-shi about appropriate handling of reduction, exploitation of resources and refuse positively.

*We call that discharge company performs handling of refuse appropriately by oneself self-processing and include that we entrust and process when it cannot process by oneself. When you entrust and handle, you must handle according to processing standard to establish in method of waste disposal and the city regulations.
*We say that we entrust permission supplier who can handle refuse with trust processing and perform. In that case, discharge company must entrust according to trust standard to establish in method of waste disposal and the city regulations.

※We cannot offer recyclable garbage such as recycle paper to local recyclables collection that Neighborhood Association or Neighborhood Associations go. At the same time, the use of collection box for recyclables installed in each site in city is not possible. You must take a self-step even if small amount.
 You perform classification necessary for every kind with pro-business wastes and industrial waste, and please dispose appropriately.

●It is ... with pro-business wastes (general garbage)
  We say recycle paper and shokuhinzan sa, refuse except industrial waste which we can develop into resources which we occurred with operation.
  Example: Tissue, flower which we used to wipe off dirt

PDFWith industrial waste metal waste such as plastic or can, aluminum foil such as ... vinyl kind, plastic bottle.


btn_sankaku.gif (141 byte) We do not collect business activities wastes in Yokohama-shi.
※We cannot send to accumulation place of household garbage even if small amount even if it is recyclable garbage.

btn_sankaku.gif (141 byte)When we do advice, order for person who does not follow classification rule and provide garbage without still separating, penal regulations (correctional fine 2,000 yen) are inflicted. (from May 1, 2008) (we know a lot)

 Garbage is precious resource. You separate thoroughly, and please recycle! (rule is different from classification of business activities waste and home garbage separation. About classification to page of "separation of garbage and resources of business activities waste." About method of recycling "let's push forward recycling!" to no page) → List of recycling facilities
When we can never recycle,
To supplier who received permission of wastes collection transportation about wastes,
To supplier who received permission of industrial waste collection transportation about industrial waste,
You ask for collection, and please handle for a fee.

●When we keep waste which we separated, we establish storage area in site and keep until transportation appropriately.
  ※Please take a step so that refuse is scattered and flows out and penetrates underground and bad smell does not display. In addition, about storage of industrial waste, please keep according to PDFindustrial waste storage standard.

●As collection of early morning, Mainichi is possible, please talk about time, number of times, collection methods with permission supplier.

●In destruction by fire factory of city, we cannot dispose of recycle paper which we can develop into resources (newspaper, magazine, corrugated cardboard, paper pack, OA paper, mixed paper, confidential documents) as wastes. (paper garbage such as bag or envelope of disposable chopsticks is not put in the general garbage. In addition, we cannot make corrugated cardboard garbage container)
You separate every kind (after corrugated cardboard folds and does, and paper packs removed dirts) deliver to recycle paper supplier, and please recycle.

●Please exhaust after doing one tie-dyeing, and doing, and cutting moisture enough when we dispose of kitchen garbage. Quantity decreases, too, and bad smell is held down, too.

Weight loss, recycling of more than 20% of kitchen garbage (cooking waste, leftover) imposes duty, and, based on Foodstuff Recycling Law, food-related company (food production, restaurant) is done.

●Damage due to crows at the time of garbage discharge increases recently. You use garbage container (with cover) or chicken net-proof appropriately, and please perform preventive measures against dispersion surely.

●There is method to carry in to destruction by fire factory of company oneself Yokohama-shi. In this case prior application is necessary for Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau collection office of ward that wastes produced. Recycle paper, PDFindustrial waste (as for abolished plastics, metal waste, small piece of wood, waste oil affecting glass ceramics waste, construction industry.which we can develop into resources as prohibition thing which we can still less carry in There is) which cans, bottles, PET bottles includes. Please be careful.
In addition, we instruct take-outs by examination for import thing when we bring in import prohibition thing.

●Processing expense (13 yen/kg) when we carry in to factory, disposal place of Yokohama-shi is included in contract rate of permission supplier.

     Such a "garbage is business activities waste, too"!

Meals which used tea leaves and employee left
Paper such as slip, documents
Cooking waste, the leftover food which goes out of restaurant, employee dining room
Even if there is very a few (regardless of quantity and weight of garbage)
It is necessary to handle for a fee.

Such a "garbage is business activities waste, too"!
btn_sankaku.gif (141 byte) Toward the master of building of large-scale building for business and the designer
btn_sankaku.gif (141 byte) Toward the owner of large-scale building for business
With large-scale building for business
  1. Large-scale retail store to prescribe in Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law (1998 law 91st) Article 2 Clause 2
  2. Total of floor spaces of part to offer for one of store to perform retail business among retail stores exceed 500m2; the 1,000m2 following
  3. Total of floor space of part to offer for one of business more than 3,000m2 (total of floor space of part when there is building to prescribe to law 201st) Article 2 first issue in equivalence site in building (Building Standard Act (1950 more than 2, to offer for one of business of each building more than 3,000m2 building of)
When city collects garbage going out of small house juxtaposition office, store. Report is necessary.
Target office, store
It is office corresponding to all three next requirements. It does not cost disposal of garbage fee.
(1) Being office to juxtapose with house
  (note) store is on the first floor in apartments, and there is house above the second floor; house and office are not for cases of outbuilding in case and the same site either.
(2) Employee consisting of relatives of living together.
(3) Quantity of garbage being always below 3 kilograms in less than 5 kilograms in mean "household garbage, business garbage" or "business activities waste" all day long.

Report method

We distribute registration form in collection office and wastes measures section of ward of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau house.
Required documents
■Pro-business wastes (house juxtaposition office) processing registration form (three pieces of copying)
■Copying of resident certificate of all the households with relation
Collection office of ward of City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau house