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Seya Ward disaster prevention information

Seya Ward announcement disaster prevention information

 We will tell about announcement from the Seya Ward disaster prevention headquarters in Seya Ward top page.


We hold Seya Ward area disaster prevention synthesis course on February 23!NEW
Of heavy rain from day possess (Portable Document Format, 813KB); (in booklet "disaster prevention yokohama" this)
We open a course in "sen academy-proof" in 2018! (Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center)NEW

"Disaster prevention yokohama" English version, video version was announced! (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)NEW
About designation, publication of flood inundation assumption area caused by the largest rain that can assume in Sakai River water system (Kanagawa homepage)

Yokohama disaster prevention license equipments handling class (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)
All the classes of 2018 were finished. Thank you for your cooperation. (schedule of 2019 is undecided now.)
Let's be careful about heat stroke (City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

Photograph at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake: Chuo-toshokan possession

"Great crack of Yokohama city" (Municipal Central Library storehouse)

1. The everyday preparation

Everyday making an offering to is important about disaster prevention. We will usually possess about disaster prevention in the following information

  1. Page (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room) of City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau crisis control room 
  2. Possess in the case of emergency (Portable Document Format, 1.63MB); (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)
  3. Earthquake map (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)
  4. Liquefaction map (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)
  5. Flood hazard map (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)
  6. Disaster prevention information E-mail delivery service (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room information Development Section)
    Cell-phone use is this
  7. NTT East Japan disaster message board (171) (NTT East Japan)
  8. Broadband message board (web171) for NTT East Japan disaster (NTT East Japan)
  9. When large-scale disaster including earthquake that is higher than message board ..., intensity 6 lower occurs at disaster, offer is started.
    KDDI au] ・[NTT DOCOMO] carry out service in [SoftBank]. (random order)
  10. The disaster medical care offer system (Medical Care Bureau)
  11. Cliff disaster prevention, building disaster prevention, earthquake resistance support, narrow matches; about road widening (Housing and Architecture Bureau Planning architecture Disaster Prevention Section)
  12. Anti-disaster measures (Water Works Bureau) of water supply
  13. Emergency water supply base (Water Works Bureau)
  14. About well for disaster emergency (Yokohama-shi public health center health security department Health Sanitation Division)
  15. Securing of drinking water at home (Water Works Bureau)
  16. Question Q&A disaster, sudden illness, accident, road safety (Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section) that Yokohama-shi call center is common in
  17. Mutual aid fire insurance (Yokohama citizen mutual aid consumers' cooperative)
  18. Disaster prevention, four languages version in Japan (Chinese, Vietnamese, word, English in Cambodia)NEW 

    The disaster prevention in JapanThe details click this

2.In disaster, emergency

Information to be useful for hatsuwazawaiji is this

  1. Including disaster prevention, urgent information of Yokohama-shi (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)
  2. Earthquake information (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room) of Yokohama-shi
  3. Yokohama-shi "page of flood control evil information" (Road and Highway Bureau river management section)
  4. River camera image (neighborhood of Sakai River boundary bridge others) (Kanagawa prefecture soil maintenance station river sewer part Rivers Division)
  5. Disaster safety information system (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room)
  6. To person met for damage by fire or natural disaster
  7. Hygiene measures and disinfection method (Yokohama-shi Sanitary Affairs Division) at the time of flood

3.The system medical at the disaster prevention system, disaster of Seya Ward

About the disaster prevention system of Seya Ward

  1. The disaster prevention system (summary) of Seya Ward government office
  2. Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward life, disaster prevention map: We distribute Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward life, disaster prevention map in ward office General Affairs Division.
  3. Seya Ward information e-mail magazine
  4. Seya Ward evacuation shelter
  5. About welfare refuge (special evacuation sites)
  6. Seya fire department (Fire Bureau)
  7. Seya Ward real-time inundation alarm


Disaster prevention measures of Seya Ward

  1. [PDF]Seya Ward disaster preparedness plan - storm and flood damage measures ... (Portable Document Format, 4.78MB)
  2. Seya Ward disaster preparedness plan - earthquake disaster measures - April, 2015 revised edition
    [PDF]Point (Portable Document Format, 136KB) of Seya Ward disaster preparedness plan - earthquake disaster measures - April, 2015 revision
    [PDF]Seya Ward disaster preparedness plan - earthquake disaster measures ... main story (Portable Document Format, 8,702KB)
    [PDF]Seya Ward disaster preparedness plan - earthquake disaster measures - document (Portable Document Format, 1,689KB)


The system medical at disaster of Seya Ward


4.The disaster prevention brains (tower support required) of town

The making of structure of cooperation of inhabitants phase each other in area of hatsuwazawaiji is important. We wrestle with local everybody for "disaster prevention brains business of town" in Seya Ward from 2005.

5. Collection of styles for people concerned

Disaster prevention organization activity costs subsidy (Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations is targeted for disaster prevention organization of town) of town

Style is published in this place (association of Seya Ward Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association communication meeting homepage).

6. Collection of links

We link helpful page of disaster prevention information except Motoichi

7. Emergency Management Office(English)

Emergency Management Office

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Seya Ward disaster prevention information

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