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Seya Ward

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  • January January Mount Fuji (from the neighborhood of Akuwahigashi)
  • February mujinakubokoen which is stained with snow in February
  • March March field mustard and cherry tree (navy road)
  • April Cherry blossoms in full bloom of 4 Tsukino boundary roads
  • May Gate of a tenement house style park which carp streamer swims in May
  • June Flower "hydrangea" of June Seya Ward (Miyazawa play Suichi arch bridge)
  • July Gate of a tenement house style park is ... garden lantern Festival ... in fantastic atmosphere from Mitsukyo Station in July
  • August Rice field which was deep-blue in August spreads out (Seya)
  • September Walk (forest of Seya citizen) natural by September walking
  • October Event - Seya Festival ... of October Seya Ward maximum
  • November Colored leaves (Tokuzen temple) which are beautiful in November
  • December Wild bird - Japanese great tit ... (forest of Seya citizen, around Izumi River) winter in December
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Latest information, news


We enjoy Seya Ward

Cherry tree banner
We introduce highlight spot of cherry tree

seya, cherry tree gallery
For 19, Heisei, 20 years, we recognized "special dish of Seya" as activation of mall for the purpose of attractive dispatch of Seya!
Special dish of Seya
Walk clogged up with venerable historic spot and rich nature closely rises
Seya oldness and history walk way
Spot of healing that feeling can make nostalgia into
Gate of a tenement house style park (in gate of a tenement house style park official site this)
Space of healing not to let "city Yokohama" including walk with family, playing in the water of children and contact with creature feel
Izumi River
Seyamaru which flaps We carry out!
Collect stamps while making a tour of shops!
Attractive discovery of Seya!
Stamp rally
Photograph of festival We introduce "photograph which happiness can realize" which featured the theme of scenery, cityscape, person in Seya Ward.

Attractive photograph of Seya

We know Seya Ward

We introduce Seya Ward mascot character "Seyamaru"

Room of Seyamaru
We are impressed with one of Seya Ward, and some stories that heart softens are left.
With folktale of Seya Ward
Old tale
Waterside in ward that had you apply from all of you and which green photograph full loading!
Of water and green
seya photo studio

We introduce representative famous place, historic site of ward♪
Famous place, historic site

We introduce spot that can conflict with water and green♪
Park, waterside
The mountains of Fuji that is happy from Seya
We introduce Mount Fuji view spot in Seya Ward!
The mountains of Fuji that is happy from Seya

Attractive scenery photo exhibition of Seya We introduce company profile of small and medium size manufacturer in ward
Industry of Seya

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