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About "talks" for setting of min*, private bicycle parking lots in Seya Station north exit station square (sounding investigation)

 It was organization comprised of business and problem, security about Seya Station north exit station square for the purpose of the making of comfortable open space at company, inhabitants near Seya Station north exit station square and the people concerned such as Residential Association, Seya Ward government office, and Seya Station north exit station square utilization promotion meeting (following "meeting") gave until now various responses about utilization policy of station square and illegally parked bicycle measures.

About illegally parked bicycle measures for short time led by "shopper who repeated examination as particularly longtime pending problem in this in the daytime", enlargement of bicycle parking lots with outskirts store, enlightenment activity by area volunteer, area and administration including reinforcement of removal by administration coped all in one body, but are the situation that does not reach radical solution.

Therefore min* where there is for a certain period of time free pricing in a part of the station square as effective means for short illegally parked bicycle is thinking about setting of private bicycle parking lots in this meeting.

When we arrived, prior to business operation, we grasped private participation in planning will and, for the purpose of rearranging of open call for participants condition, carried out talks with all of private business people.

 It is NEW about conduct result of talks

Talks conduct result (Portable Document Format: 321KB)

The conduct points

 The conduct point (PDF: 609KB)
 ・Entry sheet (word: 54KB)

 About conduct of talks [is finished]

◆We give an explanation about conduct contents, conduct method of holding business summary of prior briefing session and talks. Please inform next application of one where participation is hoped for by E-mail by date.

 The date and time: Friday, November 15, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 (the opening: at 8:50)
 Place: The fifth floor of the Seya Ward government office large meeting room

Target person: Corporation which is interested in business

 Application date: Thursday, November 14, 2013

 Application method: E-Mail (se-kikaku@city.yokohama.jp)

      Please assume E-Mail title [prior briefing session participation application].

      Mention contents the "law person's name" "Name of Representative" "participation number of people"
            We assume "contact information".

◆Application for talks participation
 You fill in required items in style 1 "entry sheet", and please submit to next application after attachment to E-mail within period.

 Application period: From Friday, November 15, 2013 to Thursday, November 21

Application method: E-Mail (se-kikaku@city.yokohama.jp)

      Please assume E-Mail title [talks participation application].

      Attachment assumes style 1 (entry sheet).

◆Conduct of talks

 The date and time: From Monday, November 25, 2013 to Friday, November 29, 2013

      (for protection of idea and know-how, we perform talks individually.)

 Place: Seya Ward government office meeting room (on the date and time, we adjust place after the application together)

Target person: Corporate group (excluded example: participation in drawing office, construction company alone) including corporation having intention becoming driven by conduct of business or the corporation concerned


The Seya Station north exit station square utilization promotion meeting secretariat
Seya Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division, Regional Promotion Division TEL367-5631 FAX365-1170

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