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Seya Ward child-care facility guidance page

"Want to leave at nursery school" "Seya Ward having what kind of child-care facility"
We show around information to depend on childcare in Seya Ward.


Person who wants to leave child at child-care facility from now on

 Various child-care facilities are in Yokohama-shi. About child-care facility, business in Seya Ward, we guide.

    Authorization nursery school
    Authorized child institution
    Yokohama childcare room
    Homey childcare business
    Small childcare business
    Other child-care facilities out of the authorization

 ○To page of City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau
   About child-care facility of Yokohama-shi   
   Of childcare service is various
   About child, child care support new system
   Pickup and drop-off childcare station (we take child to and from designated nursery school by buses)

  ★It is this about usage guidances such as nursery schools in 2018

Person who needs childcare temporarily

   Temporary childcare

In addition, person who needs special childcare

   Holiday childcare
   Illness child childcare
   Convalescence child childcare
   24 hours model urgent temporary childcare

Authorization nursery school

 When protector cannot raise child for the following reason, we can propose entrance of nursery school. But we may not enter nursery school when we can raise grandparents of living together on behalf of protector.

  1. When, regardless of company and home, we work more than more than four hours a day and 16 days a month
  2. When preparations for delivery and rest after delivery are necessary
  3. When childcare is difficult for disease and obstacle
  4. When we care for sick person and person with a disability
  5. When we deal with restoration of disasters such as home or neighboring fire
  6. Others
    ・When we go to university and vocational school, technical school
    ・When we are looking for work (it becomes condition to find a job within three months after entrance)
    ・When we always care for relative of separation

※After 1st when day when we can enter, and parental leave is finished on day after parental leave belongs
  (e.g., April 1 entrance possibility is one that parental leave finishes from April 1 to April 30.)

 The entrance space situation (to Child and Youth Bureau) of nursery school in ward
 ●List of child-care facilities in ward
 Entrance condition, format of the details, application about entrance procedure (to Child and Youth Bureau)
 About childcare charges (to Child and Youth Bureau)

 ○Occasional acceptance of authorization nursery school

   Department in charge: Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section
   Place: The ward office the fourth floor 40th
   Telephone: 045-367-5782
   FAX: 045-367-2943


Authorized child institution

 Kindergarten and authorization nursery school make use of each function and they cooperate and perform integral administration.

In detail (to homepage of Kanagawa)
List of child-care facilities in ward


Yokohama childcare room

 We meet standard (childcare charges, childcare environment, childcare time) that Yokohama-shi made originally and are facility which Yokohama-shi supports. We would like application directly to facility.

Specifically, from this (to Child and Youth Bureau)
List of child-care facilities in ward

Homey childcare business

 When we cannot raise protector for working or disease in the daytime, member of home childcare welfare raises child in homey atmosphere on behalf of protector.

Specifically, from this (to Child and Youth Bureau)
List of child-care facilities in ward


Small childcare business

 By relatively small childcare business that assumed 10-19 people for 0-2 years old children capacity, there is homey atmosphere and can perform utmost childcare.
 In new child, child care support system to begin in April, 2015, we carry out as experimental project in business made newly from 2014.

Specifically, from this (to Child and Youth Bureau)
List of child-care facilities in ward


Other child-care facilities out of the authorization

Specifically, from this (to Child and Youth Bureau)

Temporary childcare

Including disease of part working and protector is available temporarily when childcare was necessary. We would like inquiry, application to direct facility.

Specifically, from this (to Child and Youth Bureau)
List of temporary childcare conduct facilities in ward PDF(220KB)

Other special childcare

Holiday, the year-end and New Year childcare (to Child and Youth Bureau)
Illness child childcare (to Child and Youth Bureau)
Convalescence child childcare (to Child and Youth Bureau)
24 hours model urgent temporary childcare (to Child and Youth Bureau

 In Seya Ward, illness child childcare room "child tortoise house" opens.
 "Use registration" is necessary before the use. Please refer to facility for the details directly. (TEL: 442-3715)

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Procedure, event of ward office and city hall, inquiry and municipal administration information about facilities, information for living information
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Tel 045-664-2525
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Of telephone please be careful to run wrong!

Main phone number of Seya Ward government office is 367-5656
Main phone number of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Seya office is 364-0561

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