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For 2017 about distribution of final income tax return paper

Distribution at ward office of "final income tax return paper of income tax" is plan from Monday, January 29. 

    Distribution of decision report was finished. There is no additional plan from taxation office.

 ※We establish distribution section before the third floor of the Seya Ward government office elevator. 
 ※Kind, the number of copies of paper which we can distribute is limited.
 ※When "free conference by licensed tax accountant" held in Seya public hall is used, there is return form in venue.
≪Attention! There is no presentation venue of "prepared report" this year.≫

 [inquiry about final income tax return]

  Hodogaya taxation office
  Telephone: 045-331-1281

 [inquiry about this page]

  Seya Ward Tax Division City Tax Section
  Place: The third floor of the ward office 33rd window
  Telephone: 045-367-5651
  FAX: 045-362-8349

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