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Seya Ward young people instructor communication meeting

Seya Ward young people instructor plans event that children can enjoy in area in hope of spiritually rich growth of children.
In addition, through local patrol, we work on environment creation which is kind to child and the young people.

Pre-event of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system
Seya native expeditionary party 2018 

[we closed recruitment of participants! Thank you very much, all of you who had you apply!]

Seya native expeditionary party of annual!

We work as quiz Larry this year in the neighbor of Seya Ward, "forest of spring" of Yamato-shi!
Let's enjoy quiz rally in cooperation with friend! In "forest of spring" such as insect and wild bird, plant
Let alone natural observation, we can play in "spring" which becomes the name of old folk house and park!

We jump out of Seya together, and let's experience nature with all one's might!

The date and time: Sunday, November 4 from 9:00 to 15:00 (9:00 a.m. meeting) ※Rain out
Meeting place: Either of Mitsukyo Station predecessor mechanic open space (the Sotetsu Rosen side) or Seya Station north exit open space
Place: Forest (Yamato-shi) of spring
Object: Primary schoolchild of residence, attendance at school in ward ※Protector is impossible of companion
Capacity: 80 (in the case of a lot of applicants, we draw lots)
Entrance fee: 500 yen (including transportation expenses and premiums from Mitsukyo Station or Seya Station to the field)
Belonging: Lunch, water bottle, writing utensils, copy, rain outfit of health insurance card, leisure sheet,
     Snacks (we drink as much as oneself eats)

[the application deadline] It must arrive by Thursday, October 18, 2018

What is young people instructor?

 By young people instructor promoting young self-activity in community and the upbringing organization activity,
 For the purpose of planning young healthy upbringing, it is entrusted in a term of 2 years by the Mayor of Yokohama and Governor of Kanagawa.
 In Seya Ward, 147 people recommended by Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations are active as Seya Ward young people instructor.
 (as of September, 2018)

Main activity of Seya Ward young people instructor

Whole workshop

 We think, and young people instructor carries out the useful training for own activity.
 Under the theme of "what should I do by communicative competence of children in 2018 to bring up?"
We performed lecture about relation with child.
  State of whole workshop  State of whole workshop

Seya native expeditionary party

 We go to various places of outside of a ward apart from parent. Cannot usually do it; can experience, and do different age interchange.
 We performed photobingo in "child nature park" of Asahi Ward in 2017.
  State of Seya native expeditionary party  State of Seya native expeditionary party

Seya karuta meeting

 Seya karuta meeting that became annual of the New Year.
 We carry out meeting using "Seya history karuta" which can learn the history of Seya Ward every year in January.
  Primary schoolchildren scrambling for karuta  State of meeting venue

News from Seya blue finger

 We issue public information paper "Seya blue finger letter" that we summarized one-year activity of young people instructor in every year in March.
 We circulate in Neighborhood Associations and distribute at ward offices. 

 ・The latest issue

 NEW! [PDF] News from Seya blue finger twelfth H30.3 issuance
    News from Seya blue finger twelfth cover

 ・Back numbers

   [PDF] News from Seya blue finger eleventh H29.3 issuance   [PDF] News from Seya blue finger tenth H28.3 issuance
   News from Seya blue finger eleventh cover      News from Seya blue finger tenth cover

  Image of emblem
  We support society watching the young people
  It is emblem of Yokohama-shi young people instructor.

Department in charge: Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward collaboration promotion person in charge
Place: The third floor of the ward office 35th window
Telephone: 045-367-5695, 5696
FAX: 045-367-4423
Email: se-seishi@city.yokohama.jp

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