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Mall promotion

We plan regional activation in cooperation with mall in ward.

Mall activation business

Special dish business of SeyaSpecial dish logo of Seya

In Seya Ward, we recognized "korehatoiu product" in Seya Ward as activation of mall as "special dish of Seya" for the purpose of attractive dispatch of Seya.

Authorized product is this


gikoza of mall artisan

Shopkeeper becomes lecturer and provides place of knowledge and experience only in specialty store.
State of course of 2017 is this


Summary of Seya Ward mall alliance society

Seya Ward mall alliance society is group which 11 malls, 357 members cooperate and organize. (as of May, 2016) 

Please go to visit shop where discerning articles only in specialty store form a line.

List of malls is this 

Department in charge: Person in charge of Regional Promotion Division local action
Place: The third-floor 34th window
Telephone: 367-5692
FAX: 367-4423
Email: se-chishin@city.yokohama.jp

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