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Seya Ward: The outline of business details

2018 seyakko experience! (pre-event of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system)

Child, the young people
Youth development


 seyakko agriculture experience [finished] seyakodomo University [finished]  
 seyakkooshigoto challenge & art appreciation [was finished] seyakkooshigoto challenge (Seya Ward child adventure 2018) [was finished]

Pre-event seyakko agriculture experience of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system

In soil and green and flavor of the sun, it is rice field and field with local farming family
From plantation of the crops to crop, we will have a whole experience together!
[finished in all times! All of you who had you participate, thank you very much!]

The number of times


Planned time

Rice field  


The first

Sunday, May 13

From 9:30 to 12:00

Ridging ・
Land preparation experience

Taro ・
Plantation of sweet potato

The second

Sunday, June 10

From 9:30 to 12:00


Plantation of peanut

The third

Sunday, September 9

From 9:30 to 12:00

The making of scarecrow   

Sweet potato ・
Crop of peanut

The fourth

Sunday, October 14

From 9:30 to 12:00

Cut rice; ・

Harvest of taros

The fifth

Sunday, November 18

From 10:00 to 12:00

About sampling and food education of brown rice



Pre-event seyakodomo University of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system

We provide interchange opportunity with university teacher and student to the small, junior high student of residence, attendance at school in ward and,
We assume opportunity deepening judgment and it is spiritually rich and supports healthy naseyakkono growth.

[finished in all times! All of you who had you participate, thank you very much!] 

  Yokohama City University "let's dissolve! Let's harden! We mend battery! Mysterious power ~ that we were hidden in ... lemon"
Yokohama university of arts "touch, and is fun! We use straw, and let's do thing experience!"
  Yokohama College of Pharmacy "approaches in mystery of protein included in drink!"
  Shonan medical care university "macrame lacing string end challenge! Let's make rabbit doll and accessories of dragonfly!"
  Kanto Gakuin University "who is it most to make reliable town? ... liquefaction measures championship ~"

  Yokohama wound Masaru Hanabusa studies rub flower, and "they will make postcard in sen"

Pre-event seyakkooshigoto challenge of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system

Do you not usually experience various work that you cannot know happily?
[finished in all times! All of you who had you participate, thank you very much!]

* [the first] Recruitment of seyakkooshigoto challenge & art appreciation participant University [finished!]
The date: Thursday, August 2
Venue: Seya public hall

1 staff crew experience tour
  [time] From 12:30 to 16:35
  [contents] ・Dance lesson by professional
      ・The behind-the-scenes mystery time exploration

Recruitment of people of 2 "musical band of Bremen" appreciation
  [showtime] From 15:00 to 16:35

Downloading (Portable Document Format: 125KB) of flyer

* [the second] seyakkooshigoto challenge (Seya Ward child adventure 2018) [was finished!]
  We get cooperation of private enterprise and public institution and carry out various programs that can experience "interchange with person" through experience of "working" and various society experiences.
  There are a lot of prior application program and programs that on the day can participate freely. Can you experience how many? 
  Let's challenge stamp rally! We present premium if we experience more than 3 programs! 
  [we vote with genuine election device and experience] Result, please identify this of this!

  [on the date] Friday, August 17 from 10:00 to 16:00
  [venue] Seya Ward government office, Seya fire department, Seya public hall
        Resona Bank Mitsukyo Branch
        Seya library

The details such as application methods identify this page. → Detailed pages such as application methods


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