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Seya Ward: The outline of business details

seyakkodayori (event information magazine for primary schoolchild, junior high students)

Child, the young people
Youth development

We issue public information paper "seyakkodayori" that we summarized event information for children (mainly primary schoolchild, junior high student) performed in facilities in ward in every two months.

News of the latest issue

NEW! [PDF] seyakkodayori October, 2017 issue H29.9 issuance

    Apology and correction of change of seyakkodayori October, 2017 issue mention contents


  We switch to two points of next contents about contents of publication on page 1 of "seyakkodayori October, 2017 issue" of issuance in September, 2017 and apologize for having caused trouble.


   * Reason for change and content

    Let's open one page of Seya Festival ...! Ring ... of connection

  (1) About the date
     Schedules with dissolution of the House of Representatives election occur at the same time and change the date because holding became difficult.

       ) [the date] Sunday, October 22 before change


       It is) [the date] Sunday, October 29 after change

  (2) About conduct contents of rugby corner
     We were going to have you participate in girl rugby team "YOKOHAMA TKM", but become nonparticipation because the date and game schedules occurred at the same time.
     In addition, "Keio University physical education society football department" becomes going to participate.

     ) girl rugby team "YOKOHAMA TKM" and "Keio University physical education society football department" before change come over!


       ) rugby team "Keio University physical education society football department" comes over after change!


Back numbers

[PDF] seyakkodayori August, 2017 issue H29.7 issuance
[PDF] seyakkodayori June, 2017 issue H29.5 issuance
[PDF] seyakkodayori April, 2017 issue H29.3 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori February, 2017 issue H29.1 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori December, 2016 issue H28 .11 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori October, 2016 issue H28.9 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori August, 2016 issue H28.7 issuance 

[PDF] seyakkodayori June, 2016 issue H28.5 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori April, 2016 issue H28.3 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori February, 2016 issue H28.1 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori December, 2015 issue H27 .11 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori October, 2015 issue H27.9 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori August, 2015 issue H27.7 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori June, 2015 issue H27.5 issuance

[PDF] seyakkodayori April, 2015 issue H27.3 issuance


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