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Seya Ward: The outline of business details

seyakkodayori (event information paper for primary schoolchild, junior high students)

Child, the young people
Youth development

It is bimonthly and issues information paper "seyakkodayori" that we summarized event information for children (mainly primary schoolchild, junior high student) performed in facilities in ward in.

News of the latest issue

NEW! [PDF] seyakkodayori December, 2018 issue H30.11 issuance
    seyakkodayori December, 2018 issue cover

Back numbers

[PDF] Published by published by[PDF] seyakkodayori October, 2018 issue H30.9 issuance[PDF], seyakkodayori August, 2018 issue H30.7, seyakkodayori June, 2018 issue H30.5   
  seyakkodayori October, 2018 issue cover    seyakkodayori August, 2018 issue cover    seyakkodayori June, 2018 issue cover

[PDF] seyakkodayori April, 2018 issue H30.3 issuance[PDF], seyakkodayori February, 2018 issue H30.1 issuance
  seyakkodayori April, 2018 issue cover    seyakkodayori February, 2018 issue cover

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Department in charge: Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward collaboration promotion person in charge
Place: The third floor of the ward office 35th window
Telephone: 045-367-5696
FAX: 045-367-4423
Email: se-jisedai@city.yokohama.jp

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