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News of part of ward office open agency on second fourth Saturday

News of Saturday open agency

For service improvement to inhabitants of a ward, we perform window duties on some Saturday. We look forward to the use of everybody not to be able to make the next agency into ward office weekdays.

  • Fourth Saturday second on open agency day
  • Open agency time from 9:00 a.m. to the midday
Window, inquiryHandling duties
Family Registry Division

Family Registry Section
The second-floor 23rd window

The acceptance of family register-related notice (the marriage, divorce, birth, the death, transfer of domicile)
Issuance such as all the family register, personal matter certificate of certificate
Registration Section
The second-floor 25 window

The acceptance of Basic Resident Register-related notice (including transference, transference)
Issuance of copy of tag of resident certificate, family register
Seal Registration
Issue of the seal registration certificate
Attendance at school office work of elementary and junior high school
Grant of my number card

Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section (payment responsible)
The second-floor 26th window
Thing about payment of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance, the medical expenses furtherance (children, single-parent, severe person with a disability), medical system for elder senior citizens
National Health Insurance Section (qualification, Tax Receipt Section)
The second-floor 27th window
Procedure and payment application such as participation, the loss or change of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance
Procedure and payment application of the acquisition, the loss, changes such as old man health, severe person with a disability medical care, single-parent medical care, pediatric care
 National Pension Plan Section
The second-floor 28th window
Qualification, address transfer of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
Premium exemption, student payment exception application
Children and Families Support Division the fourth floor 40th window
Grant application, address change procedure (when there is consultation, come weekdays) of mother and child health handbook
New application, address change procedure of Child Allowance
  • About all handling duties, other engines and thing needing confirmation in other municipalities are excluded.
  • It does not deal with tax proof relations.
  • In addition, please refer beforehand as there is thing which we do not handle depending on contents of duties.

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Main phone number of Seya Ward government office is 045-367-5656
Main phone number of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Seya office is 045-364-0561

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