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Seya Ward

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Seya Ward disaster prevention information

Procedure, event of ward office and city hall, inquiry and municipal administration information about facilities, information for living information
Yokohama-shi call center (every day from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
Tel 045-664-2525
Fax 045-664-2828

Of telephone please be careful to run wrong!

Main phone number of Seya Ward government office is 045-367-5656
Main phone number of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Seya office is 045-364-0561

Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward, disaster prevention map

To all of Seya Ward

  On "Seya Ward dementia lecture" on Saturday, February 16 and 17th Sunday "shine! seya! Person! A large number of inhabitants of a ward came to festival, and thank you very much.
  Though you came, we sincerely apologize to all of you who were not able to enter public hall.
  Flyer of "Seya Ward dementia lecture"
  "Shine! seya! Person! Page of festival

Suspicious telephone and attempted fraud case occurs! Please be careful

Infectious disease information

Earthquake disaster connection

Latest information New Information

Outline of business Business Information

Information every each section is this

Family register, address, private seal

Family register, address, private seal

Report, resident certificate, Seal Registration of family register

Insurance, pension

Insurance, pension

National Health Insurance, National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), The Long-term Care Insurance



City prefectural tax, property tax, light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei), payment of tax

Health and medical care

Health and medical care

Health promotion consultation, the medical expenses furtherance

The welfare

The welfare

The elderly, impaired person, one embarrassing in life

Child, the young people

Child, the young people

Delivery, child care, nursery school, kindergarten, after school on-site training for primary schoolchild, junior high students, event information, volunteer activity of junior high student, high school student

Disaster prevention, anti-crime program

Anti-crime program, disaster prevention

Disaster prevention information, anti-crime program information

Living, hygiene

Living, hygiene

Garbage disposal/recycling, animal, pet, hygiene of house

Inhabitant of a ward activity

Inhabitant of a ward activity

Inhabitant of a ward activity center, sports, lifelong learning, book-reading activities



Legal advice, traffic accident consultation, specialized consultation

Town development

Town development

The making of rule, environment of town, engineering works office



Statistics, election, the temporary number, others

Of area is helpful; information

>>Information about advertising

To the Seya constituency system 50th anniversary

Business page of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system is this place


Guide of Twitter, Instagram is this

The highlight of Seya Ward

Attractive information site of Seya

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Character Seyamaru of Seya Ward

It is Web walk Web reading support system easily

Portable Web

E-mail magazine

Safe section of town

Water Works Bureau emergency water supply base search system

Water green topping and photo studio

Park protection society

Nursery school, child care support guidance

Daddy Seya Ward single person mom support information site

It is Yokohama 3R dream to the future of G30!

Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center

Recruitment of members of fire brigade

City of Yokohama, Seya Ward - February 18, 2019 making - February 18, 2019 update -
〒246-0021 190, Futatsubashicho, Seya-ku, Yokohama-shi
<inquiry> Telephone: 045-367-5656 (main phone number) FAX: 045-365-1170 email: se-homepage@city.yokohama.jp
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