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"Democracy" and "election" were not natural in the same way as water and air.

We meet in living, and it is natural water and air, but, in fact, there are various structure and system to protect convenient water supply and beautiful air.
Everybody will not be usually conscious very much in the same way, but we are protected in various "rights" and live. For example, the most imminent thing is "right to receive education". It may be slightly difficult, but there is right such as "right to protect life, freedom, property". It "is natural for now, us," but, in fact, is system that grandfather and grandmother of everybody or people in generation before think about society in various ways and make and gave. "Even "democracy" and election" are so.
Society opens more and more when we have question toward "natural thing" in the world a little. Do you not learn by important thing, little before becoming adult?

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