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Bright election promotion meeting
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Bright election promotion meeting

As for the business introduction of Yokohama-shi, ward, please see this.
 Work to establish democracy is entrusted to we nations.
 Bright election promotion meeting is installed in the metropolis and districts, municipalities of the whole country in beautiful election without injustice and private sector which is active for vote total participation. In Yokohama-shi, 19 bright election promotion meetings in total are put to city and 18 wards.
 It begins in "Yokohama-shi clean election promotion meeting" having been established in November, 1962 (Showa 37) to have come to develop bright election campaign systematically in Yokohama-shi. While citizen's widely, in hope of realization of becoming, we bred clean election consciousness, and, as for this meeting, it was established the Komeito of election that was democratic base for the purpose of developing voluntary clean election exercise strongly by ten assenters of private volunteer.
 At first, after the establishment of this meeting, "clean election promotion meeting" was established with ten wards from December, 1962 through 38(1963) two a year month. Following the fact that central exercise changed "election campaign right brightly" (1965 (Showa 40)), "bright election campaign" (April, 1974 (Showa 49)) and name, we change meeting each time, and clean election campaign that ten wards of meetings propel uses name "bright election promotion meeting" now.

 Meeting of each ward is constructed by member of promotion (person who practices business of meeting, bright election campaign concretely, and promotes) with officer other than promotion committee. The beginning of establishment started on around ten promotion committees, scale of around 50-150 members of promotion with each ward, but is becoming 18 wards of approximately 3,000 total scales now.
 Bright election promotion meeting,
Election (prohibition of contribution) that 1 is pure
2 votes total participation
 We call for bright election as big pillar by promotion of this.
  We host workshop, various business including poster contest in each meeting originally and cosponsor with board of elections and plan more effective enlightenment. In addition, during election period, we perform activity to appear in street, and to accuse election and vote participation beautiful directly at citizen's everybody.
Moving picture of bright election promotion meeting
●Bulletin "white rose yokohama"

Cover photograph of bulletin "white rose yokohama"
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 48 (2017) (Portable Document Format, 7.19MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 47 (2016) (Portable Document Format, 5.66MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 46 (2015) (Portable Document Format, 2.84MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 45 (2014) (Portable Document Format, 6.58MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 44 (2013) (Portable Document Format, 12.3MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 43 (2012) (Portable Document Format, 3.41MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 42 (2011) (Portable Document Format, 4.92MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 41 (2010) (Portable Document Format, 1.88MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 40 (2009) (Portable Document Format, 2.16MB)
pdfWhite rose yokohama No. 39 (2008) (Portable Document Format, 2.99MB)          




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