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Yokohama-shi board of elections
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When we cannot go to polling place on election day
  Early vote (mailing direct in ballot box)  
  Vote (as for bill and the written oath this) in municipality where it is not enrolled in electoral list  
  Vote in facilities such as hospital, nursing home  
  Absentee vote by mail  
  Overseas ballot (vote in foreign territory)   
Business introduction
  Election forum  
  This stands; book  
  Collaborative investigation with university  
  Rental of election article  
  "We move resident certificate, and let's go for election! "Leaflet  
Library of election
  Term of public office  
  Past election data  
  Common question about election  
  Vote participation situation investigation  
  Recent system revision  
  Ayumi of election  

Let's go to election

HOWTO page where understands structure of election well

We became 20 years old. "Information for vote" came. Well, what should I do?
It is GO to HOWTO page!

Let's go to check structure of election
Bedrock of election              Kind of election
The right to vote and eligibility for election             Method of vote
Other votes  Structure of the official counting of votes
Well, let's go for vote
"Environment creation that anyone is easy to vote" 
Introduction picture of approach
From thought that improvement of vote environment is connected to turnout up in its turn, we aim at "environment creation which anyone is easy to vote" for in Motoichi and wrestle from software, both sides of hardware. (approximately six minutes)
We link to applicable page of youtube!
Reduction to right to vote age 18 years oldBlank
The removal of a ban of Internet campaigning
The constitutional amendment referendum method
"It is natural with thing before story - hit of us who begin election enlightenment picture from here"Election enlightenment picture "full version" (15 minutes)Election enlightenment picture "preview" (two minutes)
We have cooperation of all of Tokyo art universities and are enlightenment picture which we produced to have you interest to election and politics for all of class of young people.
  1. We published 31, Heisei fiscal budget summary. (February 4, 2019)
  2. About open call for participants type designated bidding to affect notice plan, administration trust as for the nationwide local elections enlightenment signboard, curtains in 2019 (January 11, 2019)
  3. Yokohama-shi, ward electoral list enrollment (December 1, 2018)
  4. Publication (April, 2018 ~9 month) of the electoral list reading situation
  5. Yokohama-shi, ward electoral list enrollment (September 1, 2018)
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Kids page (page for children)
U-18 (page for middle and high school students)
Bright election
  Bright election promotion meeting  
  We are prohibited from contribution  
  Guilt-by-association system  
The board of elections secretariat
  About board of elections   
  Election Administration Commission Secretariat administration policy  
  Budget summary, business plan  
  We are going to hold board of elections   
  Board of elections minutes  
  Yokohama-shi, ward electoral list enrollment  
  Publication of the electoral list reading situation  
  Auction information  
Agriculture committee election
  News of agriculture committee committee general election accompanied with the August 17, 2014 term expiration  
List of each ward inquiry
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