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Various approaches

Decentralization / big city system

Decentralization and big city system

Citizen cooperation /PPP

Approach for promotion of citizen cooperation /PPP

Special ward connection

Special Zones for Structural Reform

Area rebirth 

Ocean Hub

Ocean Hub Yokohama

Haneda Airport

Approach for functional enhancement, globalization of Haneda Airport

Gender equality

Promotion of gender equality

Base measures

Approach to base problem


Country formation plan

Yokohama economically independent urban zone basics design

Way examination

Formation ... of compact town having high convenience in ... niceness about medium-and-long term city examination of Yokohama-shi made

Cooperation with other cities

Integrated administration of a large region-related meeting

Friendship interchange with Doshi-mura, Showa-mura

University connection

University adjustment section

Public university corporation Yokohama City University-related duties

Yokohama-shi public university corporation evaluation Committee

Cooperation with city University

Yokohama City University (external link)

Policy study

Policy study magazine "investigation season report"

Yokohama meeting for creation and collaboration of policy


GIS (geographical information system) utilization promotion

Yokohama-shi map information portal site

Yokohama-shi statistics GIS


Various approaches

Yokohama-shi "living, economy" earthquake disaster task force

Promotion of open data

Headquarters for Promotion of open innovation

Approach related in "2017"

Invitation examination of international gardening exhibition

Yokohama-shi is tough; regional plan


Examination of the making of new strategic city such as IR (unification type resort)

Examination of the making of new strategic city such as IR (unification type resort)

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