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[Yokohama meeting for creation and collaboration of policy]



  To Yokohama meeting members

  About "Yokohama meeting for creation and collaboration of policy," it is muki of ability for general policy formation of Yokohama-shi in April, 2004
  Various main constituents such as realizing the top by "collaboration with citizen" and citizen, company, administration support "the community" together; "kyo
  Start business for realization of *katashakai, from 2004 to 2010 policy study presentation (in 2010 thing
  Forums that mukyoku set theme to held). However, after 2011, Policy Bureau policy section is office work
  Become station, and there is time when gave information by e-mail magazine, but holding hako of policy study presentation
  Pair that stopped for ko several years, and contained a variety of stakeholders such as citizen, company including session, university research organization in future
  We studied technique and structure of story and considered.
     On the other hand, while, in Yokohama-shi, citizen needs and local problem to have make diversification complicatedly, and correspondence becomes difficult only in administration,
  We set up the cowound promotion business headquarters (existing cowound promotion room) in April, 2008 and, in June of the year, relate to citizen cooperation from private all of you
  Establish "the cowound front" as window having consultation, suggestion, and problem nitsu which is social private various places and administration
  You are and talk, and go ahead through approach such as holding "cowound forum" as place finding new idea and solution
  tekimashita. In addition, "cowound laboratory" bears fruit technique of talks that examined at Yokohama meeting as "living laboratory", now,
  It is succeeded in cowound promotion room and is promoted. Probably because organization promoting cowound in Yokohama City Hall in this way is set up
  ra approximately ten years pass and colonize as central thing playing its part of approach of citizen cooperation in Yokohama-shi.

   Therefore think that can realize purpose of Yokohama meeting in approach of cowound promotion room mentioned above this time, Yokohama
  We decide to shift to participation and reporting to approach with cowound promotion room progressively, and business of meeting is better

  Follow one with interest or citizen cooperation about cooperation with Yokohama-shi concretely in interest, one with interest; toward the hope
  Therefore, cowound promotion room containing information of open call for participants about citizen cooperation or information such as forums "Yokohama-shi wound
  We deliver email news (issuance not being set almost around one time a month). I'm sorry to trouble, but is rare
  We prayed for wish to have you perform application for delivery as procedure of shift from the following homepage and were
  We do.

  ○Yokohama-shi cowound email news (Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau cowound promotion room issuance)



   In addition, about page of this Yokohama meeting, it is going to be closed down on April 20 except progress of main approach.

   We appreciate past cooperation.

        April 2, 2018 

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