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Development of long-term vision

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The Yokohama-shi basics design (long-term vision) whole sentence

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 It is ... with ... Yokohama-shi basics design (long-term vision)
  • It is future image of citizen's Yokohama-shi to share altogether, and, for the realization, it is basic guideline to wrestle while all individuals and groups, companies, administration to support Yokohama-shi share problem.
  • We survey the first quarter of century (almost from about 2025, the present approximately 20 years) in the 21st century when Yokohama-shi enters into era of depopulation and prescribe basic directions of measure to realize urban image and it which you should aim at of Yokohama-shi.
  • Administrative plan of Yokohama-shi is devised based on idea of this long-term vision. We are placed as the top of various plans of Yokohama-shi,The Yokohama international port city construction methodIt is guideline to contribute to "Yokohama-shi showing function enough as representative international port city of Japan" that is idea of this.

 One or ... which devised new basic design (long-term vision) in ... why now
  • With rapid globalization of the arrival of full-scale shokokoyowaishakai and social economy, we are facing now at big turning point including weakening of conventional social system.
  • It is necessary to build up new structure that citizen can live a life with hope while environment surrounding civic life in this way greatly changes.
  • In addition, we create charm and vitality of new Yokohama on reaching the municipal administration 120th anniversary of the 150th anniversary of the opening of a port in 2009 and send to the world widely, and it is necessary to make foundation for next-generation Yokohama to be town overflowing in dream and hope.
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