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About medium-and-long term city examination of Yokohama-shi made

Formation ... of compact town having high convenience in ... niceness

 We control expansion of city area when based on the situation of future population decline and low birthrate and aging, and we keep city infrastructure which we maintained alive until now, and bases such as base maintenance and effective use of land, high traffic of convenience that there is vitality are necessary.
 Therefore, went ahead through examination that classified switches from 2008 to urban structure of collection type and the compact city area formation into field of vision, and Yokohama type gathered way of thinking of compact town development in 2014.

 Went ahead through examination about the way of medium-and-long term urban structure which aimed for 2025 while member of tech job in agency playing a key role, and fixing the eyes on figure and civic life of Yokohama-shi of 2050 and gathered result of discussion as "YOKOHAMA sustainable vision" (draft).

 We utilized "YOKOHAMA sustainable vision" (draft) as material of discussion and deepened discussion inside and outside the agency, and directionality of the making of city that you should aim at in the mid-and-long term arranged concept called "the formation of compact town where convenience was high in niceness" that controlled diffusion of city area.

 Influence on financial burden on Motoichi and reduction effect of CO2 discharge analyzed by doing urban structure in addition to conceptual qualitative analysis-like rearranging of the past fiscal year compactly how much it was to and performed quantitative examination.

 Around bedroom suburb included in the southern part and the western part station group zone, we examined problems and countermeasure of suburbs part.

 We performed situation rearranging of house city area in suburbs of Yokohama-shi part and fact-finding of municipal facilities according to the vicinity of railroad and examined correspondence patterns because Yokohama type for sustainable city, community development realized directionality of way of thinking of compact town development and concrete approach.

 Based on ways of thinking of town development that Yokohama model was compact, the collection of city function paid off way of thinking of becoming in suburbs part and considered about basic placement policy of city function.
In addition, of city function gathered, and arranged measure idea for promotion.

 In suburbs part, we classified from population composition, the use of land situation by elementary school school district unit and examined placement of necessary city function, and Yokohama type arranged way of thinking of compact town development.

■ Report

[2008] YOKOHAMA sustainable vision (tentative name)

[2009] Making of city examination investigation 1 [P1-32] (Portable Document Format 651KB)

                     Making of city examination investigation 2 [P33-35] (Portable Document Format 4.77MB)

[2010] Summary (Portable Document Format 1.52MB) of compact urban structure examination investigation

[2011] Summary (Portable Document Format 486KB) of compact urban structure examination investigation

[2012] Summary (Portable Document Format 15.78MB) of Yokohama type compact town development measure examination investigation

[2013] Summary (Portable Document Format 457KB) of Yokohama type compact town development measure examination investigation 

[2014] Summary (Portable Document Format 1.00MB) of Yokohama type compact town development measure examination investigation 

We update on making - October 1, 2015 on department of Policy Bureau policy policy section - March 31, 2011
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