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Headquarters for Promotion of open innovation

 Yokohama-shi pushed forward until now various approaches including utilization of medical big data which cooperated with holding and Yokohama City University of open data local government summit as approach of data utilization.
 Toward solution to social problem and creation of new value, place performing data utilization and approach of citizen cooperation effectively is more necessary while social diversification advances by IoT, progress of advanced technology including AI. In addition, there was establishment (March, 2017) of "public-private data utilization promotion basics bylaw" which determined more inflection of public-private data and installed "opening innovation promotion office" in these newly as place that examination promoted transversely in agency in April, 2017.
 We will plan policy development that stood on objective data through promotion of advanced important approach with development or company of "Yokohama-shi public and private sectors data utilization promotion plan" based on the regulations and more promotion of citizen cooperation in future.
■Headquarters for Promotion of open innovation meeting

Headquarters for Promotion of first meeting
  [the date] Wednesday, April 19, 2017
  [place] Yokohama City Hall the second floor visitor's room
  [the proceedings] The proceedings point (Portable Document Format, 134KB)
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Policy Bureau policy section - April 20, 2017 making - update
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