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Ocean Hub Yokohama

▽News of event

■We carry out questionnaire to all of city companies of wide field around marine field

This questionnaire
 ◆Grasp of city company which has relation in marine field (includes the delivery of product, parts, offer of service)
 ◆Grasp of city company which is interested in the field of ocean (wants to enter in future)
 ◆Grasp of city company with technique demanded in marine field
We perform notameni.

(company where, with ※ city company, one of the head office, office, factory, the research institutes is located in Yokohama-shi)

Technique and service you have may be demanded in marine field.
As you gather information for marine industrial activation widely, please cooperate.

<as for the questionnaire this>

■Thursday, February 23 world ni company, group introduction seminar which is in work to be able to be proud of in Yokohama, and is concerned with the sea

Date and time Thursday, February 23, 2017 from 9:00 to 17:00

Place Nippon-Maru training center

Main target employment university student, graduate student (student who is graduating in March, 2018) desired

Company, group introduction for conduct contents from 9:00 to 12:00 about sea
       The from 13:00 to 17:00 spot, facility visit meeting

>>The details, application is <<to special HP

Until deadline for application Monday, February 20, 2017 17:00
※Acceptance of application was finished

Participant companies National Research and Development Agency JAMSTEC, National Research and Development Agency fisheries study, education mechanism, IHI Corporation, CHIYODA Corporation, JGC Corporation, Hakkeijima, Yokohama, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

■A hub of ocean-related activities "Ocean Hub Yokohama"

Yokohama that was connected with the world since the opening of a port in port, and developed by connection with the sea.

Company, educational institution, research organization related to the field of ocean presents various activities.

With such all of you, we push forward approach towards base "Ocean Hub Yokohama" of activity about the ocean.

We feature "Ocean Hub Yokohama" with public information yokohama October, 2015 issue

Leaflet of "Ocean Hub Yokohama" was made

■Marine Association of Yokohama

Yokohama-shi evaluated that we wrestled transversely in various fields as "challenge" to "Ocean Hub Yokohama" in "Middle four years plan" about the ocean. In Yokohama, we have characteristic that many companies, universities, research organizations, government offices about "the ocean" are located. We make use of this characteristic, and it is in base of various activities including education, study, industry and aims at realization of "Ocean Hub Yokohama" that can feel possibility of the sea close.

We established "Marine Association of Yokohama" that product government college cooperated more than before on September 28, 2015 and developed approach about the ocean.
Mainly on this meeting, we push forward activity and information dispatch about the ocean from Yokohama.
September 25, 2015 press release document

Marine Association of Yokohama agreement

■We held "Ocean Hub Yokohama Sea Expo 2016"

To Ocean Hub Yokohama Sea Expo 2016 formula Web site

Ocean Hub Yokohama Sea Expo 2016 formula Web site

Yokohama develops since the opening of a port with "port" leading to the world, and many companies, universities, research organizations, government offices about "the ocean" are located in connection with the sea.

We make use of such a potential and establish "Marine Association of Yokohama" developing various activities such as education, study, industry in 26 companies, groups last year, and "the ocean aims at city said to be Yokohama".

As part of this approach, we got cooperation of Japanese foundation and held event to have you sense charm of the various seas bodily from child to adult, "Ocean Hub Yokohama sea Expo" for the first time.

We push forward "approach to raise understanding, interest in sea" and "environmental maintenance of the sea" "promotion of marine industry" with this event.

... "Ocean Hub Yokohama sea Expo" first holding to know press release document - sea on June 15, 2016, and to touch, and to learn, and to enjoy!

We had 12,000 people arrive in two days of .23 days on July 22!
12,000 people arrive by press release document "Yokohama Sea Expo" first holding on July 25, 2016! ... "Marine Association of Yokohama" is greatly sailing ...

■News of event by meeting member

"Citizen's with the making of sea of Yokohama that triathlon connects" city of the future workshop environmental on Friday, March 10 in 2016 in the second
(sponsorship: Yokohama City University)

From the viewpoint of citizen, university researcher, company, administration, domain discusses for idea necessary for the making of comfortable sea of Yokohama transversely.

The date and time: Friday, March 10, 2017 from 18:30 to 20:30
Only as for entrance fee for free, the social gathering (meeting place from 20:30 to 21:30), it is 1,000 yen
Meeting place: Cherry tree WORKS <Kannai> event space
Capacity: 50 first arrival
Application method: Apply from the following Web pages.

Coordinator: yokohamashiritsudaigakugakujutsuinjizenkagakukeiretsudaisekitai*

Part 1 short lecture

Present and future City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau policy section Shinji Akasaka of 1 Yokohama-shi "making of beautiful sea" business
World triathlon series Yokohama meeting Organizing Committee environment sectional meeting Akira Ishii that 2 world meetings purify the sea of Yokohama
Dream guest, citizen triathlete / Para sportswriting Keiko Ishino of 3 citizen triathlete
Improvement coworker, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. of 4 sea area environment

(1) Present conditions harbor, marine part Katsuhiko Suzuki of sea area environment improvement technology
(2) Headquarters for Promotion of being able to do it by company and collaboration of university technology business Press and Information Office Kentaro Saito
(3) Yamashita Park and underwater design environment Planning Department Ishii Shigehisa of Hakkeijima

Part 2 discussion "is made with the sea of Yokohama"

Reference: Yokohama City University study base section local contribution charge (COC business charge)
045-787-2205 coc@yokohama-cu.ac.jp

Past news
We update on making - February 21, 2017 on department of Policy Bureau policy policy section - September 28, 2015
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