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Ocean Hub Yokohama

▽News of event

■We hold "business interchange seminar with Scottish company, university" for the first time.
  [Tuesday, June 27, 29 13:30 - @ Yokohama opening of a port commemorative hall]

We add and company, university of U.K. Scotland where marine industry is prosperous visiting Japan as base of North Sea oilfield development and hold "business interchange seminar" in Yokohama.
As you arrange business card exchange and time when you can interchange, please participate in the making of opportunity of intelligence about marine industry and new business by all means.

Participation planned Scottish company, university

: Other than university, companies holding electromagnetic wave search technology, supersonic waves visualization technology, techniques such as ROV service, inspection and repair of underwater structure, design production of machine parts are going to participate (7 people)

Please refer to handbill for the seminar details

◇Application method [deadline for application  :Thursday, June 22]
After downloading, you have you fill in required items, and apply for participation application to the following address or FAX number. (by company unit, even personal unit is fine)

 ⇒Participation application downloading (PDF file, Excel file)
 ⇒Application destination
  E-Mail:  ss-kaiyoevent@city.yokohama.jp or FAX: 045-663-4613
We finish acceptance as soon as it becomes capacity (around 60). Apply early


◇Contact information
 Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau policy section (charge Ueda)
 Telephone: 045-671-3206 email: ss-kaiyoevent@city.yokohama.jp

■8/5( soil), Sunday, August 6 "Ocean Hub Yokohama Sea Expo 2017" holding!

Ocean Hub Yokohama Sea Expo 2017
Ocean Hub Yokohama Sea Expo 2017 formula Web site

We expand "Ocean Hub Yokohama sea Expo" that had favorable reception more this year last year and hold to have many citizen's all of you feel the attractive "sea" of Yokohama.

Visit fair and TV program of ship of four that cannot usually see including ship for exclusive use of huge car which can load with approximately 7,000 cars this time "THE! Strong arm! Dash!" It is full of charm of the sea including stamp rally using work of Ryohei Yanagihara of deep painter of connection in display and experience-based workshop, Yokohama that can learn lecture of Takashi Kimura (let you come and light irregularity) him during ni appearance, creature or work of the sea.

We look at the world of various seas and touch and are felt event. Please enjoy.

Four ships full of charm of press release document - sea are held costarring ... "Ocean Hub Yokohama Sea Expo 2017" on June 7, 2017!

(the last holding result)
12,000 people arrive by press release document "Yokohama Sea Expo" first holding on July 25, 2016! ... "Marine Association of Yokohama" is greatly sailing ...

■We carry out questionnaire to all of city companies of wide field around marine field

This questionnaire
 ◆Grasp of city company which has relation in marine field (includes the delivery of product, parts, offer of service)
 ◆Grasp of city company which is interested in the field of ocean (wants to enter in future)
 ◆Grasp of city company with technique demanded in marine field
We perform notameni.

(company where, with ※ city company, one of the head office, office, factory, the research institutes is located in Yokohama-shi)

Technique and service you have may be demanded in marine field.
As you gather information for marine industrial activation widely, please cooperate.

<as for the questionnaire this>

■A hub of ocean-related activities "Ocean Hub Yokohama"

Yokohama that was connected with the world since the opening of a port in port, and developed by connection with the sea.

Company, educational institution, research organization related to the field of ocean presents various activities.

With such all of you, we push forward approach towards base "Ocean Hub Yokohama" of activity about the ocean.

We feature "Ocean Hub Yokohama" with public information yokohama October, 2015 issue

Leaflet of "Ocean Hub Yokohama" was made

■Marine Association of Yokohama

Yokohama-shi evaluated that we wrestled transversely in various fields as "challenge" to "Ocean Hub Yokohama" in "Middle four years plan" about the ocean. In Yokohama, we have characteristic that many companies, universities, research organizations, government offices about "the ocean" are located. We make use of this characteristic, and it is in base of various activities including education, study, industry and aims at realization of "Ocean Hub Yokohama" that can feel possibility of the sea close.

We established "Marine Association of Yokohama" that product government college cooperated more than before on September 28, 2015 and developed approach about the ocean.
Mainly on this meeting, we push forward activity and information dispatch about the ocean from Yokohama.
September 25, 2015 press release document

Marine Association of Yokohama agreement

■News of event by meeting member

From Wednesday, May 17 to Wednesday, July 12 extension course "2017 to learn the sea of Kanagawa"
(sponsorship: the Yokohama National University integrated ocean education, research center cosponsorship
: Marine Association of Yokohama)

Kanagawa is next to Tokyo Bay and Gulf of Sagami, and many marine affiliates and research and development engines are located. On the other hand, there are sightseeing and marine recreation area eminent Japan called Shonan Coast. Expert explains from viewpoint of general ocean management that is keyword of marine policy of modern Japan to have citizen of the prefecture of sea prefecture Kanagawa raise literacy about a certain sea around the body.

Lecturer Integrated marine education, research center teacher et al.
The date From Wednesday, May 17, 2017 to Wednesday, July 12, 2017
The date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Wednesday, May 31 Wednesday, June 14 Wednesday, June 28 Wednesday, July 12
Holding time From 19:00 to 21:00
The held number of times Five times
Student attending a lecture object General one
Meeting place 2-3-5, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi 
Queen's Square Yokohama queen mall the third floor 
General corporate judicial person Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 presentation room
Tuition Free of charge
Capacity 100 people
Application reception desk period From Monday, April 17, 2017 to Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Sponsorship Sponsorship: Yokohama National University integrated marine education, research center
The cosponsorship: Marine Association of Yokohama
Support: Yokohama-shi  
The furtherance: Japanese foundation
Application, reference Yokohama National University General Affairs Department public information, public relations section's public relations officer
TEL: 045-339-3016 (only as for the inquiry)
FAX: 045-339-3179
E-Mail address kohoynu.ac.jp (only as for the inquiry)

B & G Tokyo Bay ocean experience academy 2017
(sponsorship: public interest incorporated foundation blue sea and Greenland foundation

Targeting at primary and secondary students of the whole country, it is infiltration in the work spot of professional playing an active part on the stage of the sea of metropolitan area in "B & G Tokyo Bay ocean experience academy" carrying out in 5 days and 4 nights.
Various what design architect experience of ship is possible and does marine sports in the sea of Hayama and can enter facility of the third Regional Coast Guard Headquarters and cannot experience by everyday life such as school class or social studies visit!
We enjoy the sea and learn the sea and are golden opportunity to think about one's future and dream!

Lecturer University of Tokyo ocean Arai Ann's ocean education promotion research center special appointment professor Kubokawa Kaoru
Yokohama National University integrated marine education, research center special appointment teacher Ryo Mizui Futoshi
Support The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Tokyo, Yokohama-shi, Marine Association of Yokohama
Conduct period A trip: From Monday, July 31, 2017 to Friday, August 4 5 days and 4 nights
B trip: From Sunday, August 6, 2017 to 10th (Thu) 5 days and 4 nights
Conduct place A trip
・Misaki marine product district wholesale market (Miura-shi)
・Marine Self Defense Force Yokosuka district overseeing and directing department (Yokosuka-shi)
・Sumitomo heavy industrial machine Malin engineering Yokosuka shipyard (Yokosuka-shi)
・JAMSTEC Yokosuka Institute (Yokosuka-shi) others
B trip
・Fisheries study, education mechanism Natl. Res. Inst. of Fisheries Science (Yokohama-shi)
・Yokohama Marine Disaster Prevention Facilities (Yokohama-shi)
・Sumitomo heavy industrial machine Malin engineering Yokosuka shipyard (Yokosuka-shi)
・All Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru, Yokohama and museum (Yokohama-shi) others
Object It is man and woman of junior high school third grader from fifth grader
Offer capacity Each 40 trips
※Each 20 minimum passenger count trips
Conduct place Tokyo and Kanagawa
Tour costs 39000 yen per person
Application reception desk period From Monday, May 8 to Friday, June 30
 ※It should be the offer end as soon as we reach capacity.
It is hosted by the training Blue sea and Greenland foundation (abbreviated designation B & G foundation)
Implementation guideline, application As for the details, please see this

Past news

■We held "company, group introduction seminar which there was work to be able to be proud of to the world in Yokohama, and was concerned with the sea"

Date and time Thursday, February 23, 2017 from 9:00 to 17:00

Place Nippon-Maru training center

Main target employment university student, graduate student (student who is graduating in March, 2018) desired

Company, group introduction for conduct contents from 9:00 to 12:00 about sea
       The from 13:00 to 17:00 spot, facility visit meeting

Participant companies National Research and Development Agency JAMSTEC, National Research and Development Agency fisheries study, education mechanism, IHI Corporation, CHIYODA Corporation, JGC Corporation, Hakkeijima, Yokohama, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

As for the details, please see guidance handbill

We update on making - June 16, 2017 on department of Policy Bureau policy policy section - September 28, 2015
It is inquiry - ss-kaiyotoshi@city.yokohama.jp - telephone opinion: 045-671-3206 - FAX: 045-663-4613
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