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The preparation of Yokohama for earthquake disaster
Woman achievement society which comes out by gender equality
Double care and open innovation

Study ... of people who make connection in ... city how "community designer" in area is born

Open innovation - talks and creation that Yokohama pushes forward

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1 characteristic

 About problem that is important to civic life and administrative measure, the Yokohama-shi staff, citizen, expert announce opinion in magazine, and discussion interchanges, and investigation season report is policy study magazine to aim at what we reflect in policy making.
 In the space, memoir is comprised of "reports from Yokohama meeting" "research report" which is the highest problem that the local government works on and place where the staff announces results of research "special feature" to set theme every kakugo, and to discuss problem to have of city mainly.


2 issuance

We launched in November, 1963 and issued four times a year. After 2003, we issue twice a year.


3 size of a book, pages
  A4 size, around 70-80 pages

4 feature theme
  Past special feature theme from this

5 prices
  500 yen (we include consumption tax)

6 purchase
  Citizen's information center (publication service corner): Yokohama City Hall the first floor telephone 045-671-3600

7 reading
  (1) PDF file version (you can read from 1)
(2) Yokohama municipal library
  →Possession information this (from (Yokohama municipal library collection of books search page)
(3) Citizen's information center (publication service corner): Yokohama City Hall the first floor telephone 045-671-3600
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