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With Special Zones for Structural Reform

Advance in structural reform by limiting area, and reforming regulation of country where Special Zones for Structural Reform system is unsuitable for such current fact, of each area is natural, and is system for the purpose of letting activate that kept social and economical conditions alive.

Please utilize Special Zones for Structural Reform.

Regulation of country which did not match what's what may disturb economic activities of private enterprise and business of local public entity.

We accept idea of regulation reform from private business person and local public entity (= suggestion) and, about possible thing, set specific area (= special ward) and push forward regulation reform experimentally.

Menu (special measures of = regulation) of regulation reform that can conjugate in Special Zones for Structural Reform is shown in separate table of "restructure special ward area plan basic policy" and local public entity chooses thing which accepted local characteristic from the menu and makes "restructure special ward area plan", and special ward is born only after applying to country, and receiving authorization.


Special Zones for Structural Reform of Yokohama-shi authorized now

"yokohama sukuikyuaratamekawa*ku" (March 27, 2008 authorization)

Yokohama-shi is the emergency birthplace which started emergency duties for the first time in the whole country, but in late years there is, and lifesaving measures start is late for increase tendency with overlap of emergency request to occur frequently, and "we cannot save life to be able to save", and there is the emergency number in the situation. Therefore we utilize special measures and we participate in emergency car one as two ambulancecrews and perform elastic operation by urgent degree, disease severity identification at the time of emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance when we are judged saying "urgent degree, disease severity is low". In this way, we plan lifesaving rate improvement by emergency services which can cope with frequent occurrence, overlap of emergency case dissolving the situation becoming absent, and starting early lifesaving measures.
[inquiry about plan contents: Fire Bureau first aid section 045-334-6773]


Special Zones for Structural Reform of Yokohama-shi authorized so far

 ⇒As for the details of each Special Zones for Structural Reform plan, please see this.


※About general special ward wrestling in Yokohama-shi, please see this page.

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