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About designated manager system

Because designated manager system is effective, and it supports by citizen's needs to diversify effectively,
For the purpose of planning improvement of civic service and reduction of expense while utilizing private know-how for management of public facility,
We were founded by Local Government Act revision of June, 2003.
By this system having been introduced,
Management administration of public facility limited to public groups so far
We came to be able to entrust to wide group which included private business person.

Q&A about designated manager system is this

We change in this way so far!

Figure of image of designated manager system

There is such a merit!

District centerParkSports center
Holding of English conversation class utilized company's know-how, utilization of junior and senior high school students volunteer Conduct of gardening course 19% of cost reduction (we anticipate in 18)

Difference with conventional system

Conventionally, the management administration main constituent which was limited to public bodies
There is difference such as lower table mainly except that it was widened by private business person.
 Management trust system (the revised front)Designated manager system (after the revision)
Administration is driven by management
(the other party where city entrusts management administration of facility to)
We limit to public body, public group, investment corporation of city
It prescribes the other party in the regulations
Wide group (individual is excluded) including private business person
We get decision of assembly and appoint
Range of authority and duties Based on contract with local public entity as installer of facility, we carry out office work of concrete management or duties.
And local public entities as installer has responsibility sequentially, and permission to use facility authority cannot entrust with management authority of facility.
We let you delegate authority about management of facility to designated manager and perform and can perform permission to use facility, too.
Local public entity as installer does not use management authority and performs instructions as needed from situation fulfiling responsibility as installer.
Contents to prescribe in the regulations It prescribes condition, the other party of trust It prescribes range of designated procedure of designated manager, standard of management that designated manager performs and duties
Form of contract We sign on trust Agreement
Because designation of designated manager does not correspond to "contract" in Local Government Act, it is not object of "bid" to prescribe in the law.
Designated manager system operation guidelines [the eleventh edition]

The introduction situation of designated manager in Yokohama-shi

In Yokohama-shi, we do not premise the conventional management administration main constituent in the choice of designated manager,
We assume that we invite public participation widely basics and decide to choose group which is most suitable for each facility.
Designated manager system is introduced in conventional facility, and designation of designated manager is carried out in 937 (as of H30.4.1) facilities of those.
List of designated manager designated finished facilities (Portable Document Format)

Approach of designated manager third party evaluation

In Yokohama-shi, add to report, investigation, instruction based on Local Government Act, conduct of "user questionnaire" and setting of "user meeting"
We imposed duty on designated manager and pushed forward approach to let facility administration reflect voice of user by setting of "opinion dial".
 For the purpose of working, and designated manager oneself being improved in addition to such an approach, and planning improvement of quality of service,
We carry out check evaluation by third party who is fair, and is objective.
Third party evaluation by manager third party evaluation organization designated about summary of designated manager third party evaluation system


30.04.03   We released "designated manager system operation guidelines" [the eleventh edition] "guide (April, 2018) of wage level slide in designated manager system".
30.03.08   We released conduct result of the effect measurement that we carried out in "the training training to members of 2017 designation manager third party evaluation".
30.03.02   "Members of 2017 designation manager third party evaluation released passer of the effect measurement that they carried out in the training training".

Wage level slide in designated manager system

Yokohama-shi designation manager third party evaluation system evaluation manual (the tenth edition)

Yokohama-shi designation manager third party evaluation system relations summaries

For better facility administration voice of users!

For better administration of use facility citizen's in Yokohama-shi,
We accept your opinion "thinking to do 0 0 more" by telephone and FAX.
We look forward to opinion, request of users!
Telephone 045-664-2525
FAX 045-664-2828
(reception hours every: from Japan and North Korea 8:00 to 9:00 p.m.)


Please feel free to contact consultation, inquiry.
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